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Seddio lashes out at Felder.

Does anyone recall Vito Lopez ever saying on solitary syllable in criticism of the Amigos? Suspicions at the time were that he was actually advising them.  

I guess Chuck Barron is right (Charles Barron is right—this year’s set of potential and actual traitors is being treated differently (LOL).




Will the Brooklyn Dems act against Felder?  

I've long advocated for more aggressive action by Party Leaders to ensure Party loyalty and punish turncoats, but I cannot help noting that a Party Executive Committee whose membership includes Charles Barron and Dov Hikind may want to do some internal house cleaning as well. 

Also can’t help noting that, in Felder’s district, it’s probably not much of a punishment.  B’klyn Dems: Boot ‘betrayer’ Felder   




Having taken a short hiatus, nearly everything I wanted to say last weekend about Al Sharpton's "efforts" on behalf of the State Senate Dems was said by Fred Dicker by Monday.

Does Sharpton understand the lay of the land here?

There was a time when, during a Sen Dem leadership war, Sharpton wielded a lot of influence internally within the Senate Democratic Conference.

Back in 2002, when a majority of Senate Democrats were black or Latino, a black Senator defying Al Sharpton meant potential support for a primary opponent. Velmanette Montgomery may have wanted to vote for Marty Connor, but self preservation dictated otherwise.

As long as Democrats stayed a Minority, it was government by the Minorities.

The problem is that the only way to become a Majority is by expanding your Conference. Since all the seats necessary to do so have white majorities, attaining a Majority means a whiter conference.

Al Sharpton might be able to persuade a Senator with a large black constituency to do something in his or her self interest, but the New Senate Democratic Majority (such that it is one) rests on newly elected Senators Felder (2.60% black), Tkaczyk (3.12%), Latimer (5.12%), Gipson (8.16%) and O'Brien (10.23%). Most of their districts are politically marginal.

Felder's district is not merely bereft of black voters, but went for Mitt Romney by an excruciating margin. Back in 2001, when Sharpton, stung by criticism that he never spoke out about police brutality when the victim was white, attempted to visit a grieving mother in what is now Felder's district, an angry mob ensured he could not get out of his car.

Though I've long suspected that Felder was voting for Skelos no matter what, Sharpton's efforts only helped seal the deal.

Further, Sharpton wields little influence in the districts of the IDC members also currently up in the air. David Valesky's very marginal seat is 75.67% white and 11.44% black. David Carlucci's is 62.55% white and 11.44% black. While Diane Savino’s and Jeff Klein’s districts are only white plurality, in neither does the black percentage even hit 17%.

Since Sharpton is not an idiot, one can only assume that he is more interested in ensuring that John Sampson stays leader of the Minority than he is in ensuring that any Democrat becomes leader of the Majority.

An alternative theory.

Sharpton has a long history of helping Republicans including Bloomberg, D'Amato and Pataki. This record includes his 2000 efforts to help re-elect Guy Velella (whose seat is now held by Klein) and thereby help the GOP keep its majority.

He could be at it again. Sharpton revs up GOP   




Given the way he finances his campaigns, one might argue John Liu has a lot of balls.

One would be wrong. Liu gives Felder a pass - The Insider | Crain's New York Business   




I don't know which is more shocking, the idea that Catsimatidis has retained a convicted scumbag, or the fact that he knows the meaning of the word "Fresh"

Having been to a C Town, I vote for the latter. Lipsky working with Catsimatidis vs. FreshDirect - The Insider | Crain's New York Business   




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