The Gateway (Gomer Pyle Meets Warren Wilhelm Edition)

DeBlasio: Did they know Staten Island is part of the “most Italian-American congressional district by population percentage in the United States of America?

Were they aware New York hasn’t had a Democratic, Italian-American mayor since Vincent Impellitteri’s term ended in 1953?

A friend writes: Shouldn't Warren Wilhelm have said we haven't had a German Mayor since Wagner?

I’ll just add that Imprellitteri won his election as an Independent, beating the actual Italian-American Democrat Ferdinand Pecora.




I can't help noticing that this women, whose "mayoral campaign" is clearly  an elaborate practical joke--see the Timeline on her Facebook page Facebook page or her Algerian boyfriend who works in "sales at deli,” but she apparently has the entire Haredi political blogging community enthralled.




Though this article describes some activities which, if they occurred as stated, are clearly illegal, the real power of Williamsburg's "modesty committees" comes from their power to harness quasi-voluntary social and economic pressure through verbal and written communications in a society closed off from the rest of the world by language and culture.




This article, accusing the New Republic of purging its Jews because it dropped a few "Contributing Editors" off its masthead, most of whom haven't contributed to the magazine for years, was so preposterous I initially was not going to bother discussing it, but then it started to get linked by the Orthodox Jewish media and needed to get called out for the despicable lying bullshit that it is.

Hang your head in shame, Yossi Gestetner, you intellectually dishonest piece of dreck.

For the record, here's a few pieces calling this crap out for what it is.

Do you have a response Yossi? Or are you too busy shilling to pay attention?



Goldberg: I eat shellfish between Memorial Day and Labor Day if I’m within sight of a large body of water.

Domestic Partner won't eat pork or shellfish on the Sabbath; when asked what other commandments she obeys only on the Sabbath she said "though shalt not commit adultery."


Luckily, she didn't meet Goldberg first (or on a Tuesday), though his feud with her hero Leon Wieseltier (second only to Leonard Cohen in her pantheon) might be disqualifying




Sri Lankans in Staten Island?

The Times catches up with what is old news for connoisseurs of The Rock. Next, they’ll discover the Liberian community there.



“Shazam! Golly! Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

I always thought Gomer would end up with Sergeant Carter.

Somewhere, Lou-Ann Poovie is softly sobbing.




Orthodox Pundit: Nebech, Dybbuk’’s Dolphin was really suffering. Probably a Gilgul, and he wanted find this warm house as that cat that they revived warm house as the cat they revived, but didn't made it...