The Gateway (Guten Himmelfarb Edition)

A friend writes to note that Jeff Klein is wrong when he implies that same sex marriage would not have passed if Dems were in charge in 2011.

Three Dem incumbents who lost to Reps in 2010 (Johnson, Foley & Thompson) would have voted for marriage. So if they won, Dems would have had a majority of three. With Addabbo, Huntley & Kruger's switches, that would have given marriage a win without any GOP votes.

The difference wasn’t Skelos v Sampson.

The difference was Cuomo v Paterson.  

Irony alert: WFP demonstrates for loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Further Irony Alert:

Joseph Hayon: This is a protest on issues, not party loyalty.

Hank Sheinkopf really will say anything for the right price. Scott Stringer didn't need to bully Dan Garodnick out of the Comptroller primary; when a 500 pound gorilla walks into a room, it doesn't need to be a bully; it can just ask nicely. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to ask at all.

Idiocy of the Day:

Daily News: The panel understood the address in question to belong to Lopez. Moving it to an adjacent district would let Lopez run for Council without displacing his protege Dilan. The group complied.

Gate: Dilan is term limited and cannot run again (Not to mention that Lopez can run where he wants regardless).


Ari Goldman updates Milton Himmelfarb’s famous quote: “Orthodox Jews live like Puerto Ricans and vote like billionaires.”

BTW, can anyone remember anything else Milton Himmelfarb ever said or did?



If Boehner thinks the Senate's rules are so wonderful, then let him enact them for his own house.


Unlike many liberals, I don't delude myself into believing we don't need to bargain with the GOP about the fiscal cliff. Though I'd prefer the real bargaining take place in January, after the leverage shifts, I think it is important for the President to appear to be bargaining now, and once you do that, there is always the possibility of accidentally falling into agreement.


That being said, There's no reason for the Democrats to specify what cuts they will accept in advance of the GOP specifying what cuts they want. The President is obligated to negotiate, but the President is not obligated to negotiate against himself.

You want cuts, boys? Then lay your cards on the table.