The Gateway (Hoodie Edition)

Today I went shopping for a hoodie.




The New Tolerant Intolerance, first outlined here, and now reduced to a memo. NOM's Racial Agenda




Mitch McConnell Corleone on Heath Care: "My offer is this; nothing." McConnell Admits Plan for Uninsured: Nothing




Storobin versus the Republican narrative (part one): "I had a chance to speak with a Congressman from...Pennsylvania, Jim Gerlach (R-PA). In his speech, the Representative declared the need to rely on alternative sources of energy, as a way to reduce dependence on foreign oil. In a private conversation after the speech, I let the Congressman know that US-produced oil is usually much more expensive than that produced in Saudi Arabia and other countries...This seemed like it was news to the Congressman.” Global Politician




Storobin versus the Republican narrative (part two). Russia's Nuclear Declaration: A Defense, Not An Attack




How much influence does Dan Halloran think a conservative Republican Councilman from Queens has on the on the membership (not the Board, Dan) of the Park Slope Food Co-op?

If Halloran really cared about beating the hate Israel forces, he would shut his mouth and say nothing. Dan Halloran Has Something to Say About Park Slope’s Food Co-op




I worry here that I my remarks might lead to another stupid argument (ironically, on an issue where Rock and I are in basic agreement), but I don't take the spread of misinformation lightly; so here goes:

Rock: Assembly member Karim Camara (43rdAD/Brooklyn)-leader of the Black, Hispanic and Asian Caucus, informed the media that his group will be voting against the package. They did.

The Truth: The Assembly members of the Black Hispanic and Asian Caucus voted 21-8 (with two excused absences) in FAVOR of the bill.


Rock: All I can say is this: hats off to Karim Camara and John Sampson. They displayed courage under fire.


The Truth: While Camara and Sampson both did the right thing, only Camara displayed real courage and he deserves our applause for his guts (though not for his complete lack of influence over his own membership); However, it does not take any courage for the leader of the Party getting screwed in a reapportionment to lead a walkout in opposition to it.


I would like someone to explain to me how John Sampson's acting in his self interest, even in doing the right thing, is an act of courage. HATS OFF TO KARIM CAMARA AND JOHN SAMPSON. | The Daily Gotham