The Gateway (How He Did Edition)

Though I've almost never said anything nice about the man, it is hard not to feel a bit of NYC itself has died, and without it, a piece of our very souls.




Michael Grimm auctioning himself off to the highest bidder?

This is supposed to be news?




I don't think "look at that ass" is necessarily a reflection of sexism.

Every time I see the Mayor, I say "look at that ass"




Forget the indictments for the moment (and I'm not talking about them)--if one concedes Liu a clean legal bill of health, one must still ask a far more important question:

Does this guy inspire the confidence in his ability to efficiently and transparently run the second largest government entity in the USA?




Azi reports that Sal Albanese says he was the only Candidate to back Obama in 2008. The others, he said were "on the other side." aka: Hillary.

Sal is definitely a pacesetter in backing winners. In 2002, he was the current nominally Democratic Mayoral candidate to back Republican/Conservative/Right to Life Candidate Marty Golden for State Senate against Democratic incumbent Vinnie Gentile.

To be fair, Sal and Marty share a bond in that they've both mowed down pedestrians.




A friend upbraids me about Ceceilia Berkowitz:

Berkowitz campaign may be a joke, but she doesn't think so. She's from what I can tell quite serious and well-meaning. Just ditzy.

She presents as Mr. Smith going to City Hall. Though I'm not sure she'd get the reference. Seems sweet.”

Well, at least she never endorsed Marty Golden




This week, Assemblyman Alan Maisel filed a committee with CFB as a candidate for the 46th Council District currently held by Lew Fidler. As Maisel's entire Assembly district is contained in the proposed lines for the new 46th District, it seems likely that his entry into this race makes him the favorite. My sources tell me he will probably enjoy the support of almost all the overlapping electeds (except perhaps Charles Barron) and probably the majority of the district's community and civic leaders.

Disclosure: I am personally friendly with both Maisel and his main opponent, Mercedes Narcisse. But while Narcisse may enjoy a demographic advantage here, I think Maisel probably has the political one (as well as the better CV).




Thesis of this piece: Blue State GOP lets same sex marriage pass to get rid of it.

I love to say "I told you so" and I said everything stated here both
before and after same sex marriage passed the NYS Senate.