The Gateway (Hurricaine Sandy Koufax Edition)

Not for nothing, but while the President's 69% share of the Jewish vote in the exit polling may look pretty overwhelming, this represent a whopping 9% drop from the 2008 exit polling which had him at 78% (later analysis had him at 74%, but it is best to compare apples to apples, and these apples have slightly less honey on them).

If the President had suffered a 9% drop among all white voters, it would have been a Romney landslide.

It was even worse in Florida (in places where the Republicans and Shelly Adelson didn't spend targeted money, the drop was usually less significant), and as the National Jewish Democratic Council admits
 it would even have been more damaging if not for Democratic efforts at pushback.

Based on the NJDC math, their efforts raised the President's percentage of the Jewish vote by between 5% and 7% in Florida, yielding an estimated 117,000 votes (which, though I use them, do seem somewhat exaggerated).

Based on those numbers, the 9% attrition in the Jewish vote cost the President even more than that in Florida, not to mention Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Not for nothing, but the number of votes lost is larger than the President's Florida margin of victory.

I don't believe most of the Orthodox votes are coming back in most races, but there is still significant room for improvement, and even given the ultimate result this year, a significant need for improvement.
Exit poll: Obama wins 69% of Jewish vote   




Just to be clear, except in red states where the GOP nominated total loons for the US Senate, most Americans did not vote for divided government.

The "division" was the packing and cracking of Democrats to elect a Congress not reflective of the popular will.  

By contrast, in NYS, gerrymandering can't save Republicans from the Democrats. In NYS, only the Democrats can save the Republicans from the Democrats. How Ridiculous Gerrymanders Saved the House Republican Majority   




The storm's impact?  

Well, there were only three states where the President did better in 12 than in 08, and the biggest gain was in...Jersey.

Does anyone believe that the President is going to move heaven and earth for Cory Booker against Chris Christie?

For unrelated reasons, I didn't even believe it before the storm.

Incidentally, the President also went from 48% on the Rock
to just over 50%--since by now, Staten Islanders should have been able to figure out that the vowel at the end of his name doesn't mean he's Italian, I submit that this is further proof of my theory that the Rock is really part of New Jersey. 




Domestic Partner: I'm leaving you for Nate Silver. He's always right and you're always wrong.   




Nine year old Dybbuk asked me if MSNBC was still going to be on now that the election is over.

When I told him it was, he asked what they would be talking about   




Arizona elects an openly bisexual member of Congress.

My guess is that this owes to the Mormon vote thinking this means she's polygamous.
Daily Kos: Did you notice that Arizona elected* an openly bisexual woman to congress last night?   




Irony time: Every Republican in Puerto Rico is for statehood, but Puerto Rican statehood would make the US more Democratic. Meanwhile, In Puerto Rico   




Worst news for a Democratic President: Republicans continue to hold the lower house.

Worst News for a Democratic Governor: Republicans didn't continue to hold the upper house. New Albany presents new challenges for Cuomo - The Insider | Crain's New York Business   




A few well-deployed dollars in Long Island and Orange County and perhaps Jeff Klein wouldn't be the luckiest man in New York State (notwithstanding Senator Savino). Salesman nearly closed deal against GOP favorite - The Insider | Crain's New York Business   




After doing a Karl Rove and announcing he wasn't conceding because there was a lot of paper yet to be counted, Eric Ulrich apparently decided that not even Alla Pometko could find him 10,000 votes. Queens Courier   




Gawker is shocked that Mindy Meyer got 2,553 people to vote for her.

Is this really that much more shocking than the fact that Kevin Parker got 86,697?
Okay, Fess Up, Which One of You Jokers Voted for Pink Diva Candidate Mindy Meyer?   




While the Post is right that, in a special election, Lopez would get to chose his successor, they are wrong as to why.

Lopez gets to chose his sucessor not because of his lingering influence on the County Party, which actually has no real in choosing the nominee, but because he control the County Committee in his own Assembly District. Top of Form 1Gropez bombshell: No ‘Assembly’ required




Kornbluh: Councilman Greenfield is the most powerful local politician in the Jewish community in Brooklyn.

Beautiful, this gasbag gets linked for an observation I made a month ago I made a month ago.

Then he has the nerve to leave me off his list of political blogger who make him "laugh, chuckle and scratch our heads during this election cycle." Let's Talk Dogri (straightforward)!!!: WINNERS AND LOSERS OF THE 2012 ELECTIONS   




Proof men are bigger liars than women.

Percent of men who said their female partners reached orgasm the last time they had sex: 85%

Percent of women who said they reached orgasm the last time they had sex: 64%

Percent of lying women: Plus or minus 21% (because there must be at least a few women who reached orgasm without their partner knowing it)

Percent of men between 30 and 39 who admit they masturbated in the last month: 70.9%

Percent of lying men: + 29.1% (actually higher because 30-39 is the age group most likely to admit it).
Yeah, she’s faking: sex-poll findings