The Gateway (Lena Dunham Edition)

Lena Dunham said “Washington Commons,” but she meant “The Waterfront Alehouse.” What 'Girls' Gets Right and Wrong About New York    




As I've noted before noted before, the sort of status quo-preserving deals that intra-party rivals normally make in their sleep are regarded by Vito Lopez as a sign of weakness and therefore disdained.  

It is perhaps the one aspect of Lopez most reminiscent of a true "reformer" (I said that to annoy the "reformers," but it likely will annoy Lopez more).  

One observation: the turf's lines may have moved mostly in Lopez's direction, but the demographics within those lines have mostly moved in the direction of Restler.  

Perhaps Lopez may beat Restler, but the long-term trends in this area will keep running in the direction of people like Restler (at least until they move to the sorts of areas which Lena Dunham calls "grown up Brooklyn"--though I think it more likely that this area eventually becomes "grown up Brooklyn" itself. Although there are signs related to this race which indicate that it may be a while before this area leaves its adolescence behind). Steve Levin Rejected Deal With Lincoln Restler To Avoid 2013 Council    




Could it really be that there is an open State Senate seat in NYC on which both the Dems and GOP (essentially giving the heave ho to someone who may yet become the incumbent) will take a dive?

The Daily News worried the other day that Simcha Felder might continue to hold his 195 grand job while not being able to put in the time because he's campaigning.

They should rest easy; though democracy might suffer, Felder will probably have no need to take off any time to campaign.   




Naomi Rivera challenge by an Albanian?

Reaching out for advice, she is counseled by David Storobin to hire a Serbian campaign manager and try ethnic cleansing. Realtor seeks to become first Albanian-American elected in Bronx but Assembly incumbent has party su    




If David Dinkins really wanted to have some fun screwing with people's minds, he'd reach out and endorse his old Police Commissioner. GOP greases wheels for mayor run by Police Commissioner Kelly    




As Cuomo has shown, the Temporary Governorship of NYS is a powerful slot; but being the Permanent Governor has its advantages too. As Albany Turns, Speaker Silver Thrives - WNYC    




My nominee for the most pointless editorial of all time. New York Primary    




This article on Weiner echoes my belief expressed at the time that the 17 year old girl was game, set and match.

However, my favorite part is picturing Chuck and Anthony sharing a good cry together. Appalled Obama put an end to Weiner’s attempt to stay in Congress: book