The Gateway (Look At that Ass Edition)

That pig Vito is at it again--did you hear about him publicly drooling over women's asses and telling female candidates he supports how to dress more sexily?

Call the Special Prosecutor!

What? That wasn't Vito? That was the Mayor?

What a charming roguish rake good ole Mike is; pour him another drink.




Is it just me, or does the percentage of "feminists who are not anti-sex" increase exponentially when they are in the company of billionaires?




Weiner gets lover's nuts; will voters blueball him?

Shame on Weiner for doing his ass-watching in the privacy of his own home.




Though I'm not a big Woodward fan, this article is the first that It makes me understand the Hagel appointment, and why the President didn't go the easier route (even though but I still would probably have gone a different way myself).

I must say that Hagel's take on the Iraq war is dead on--we enabled and emboldened lran, and we are now paying the price (which is exactly what Ariel Sharon told Bush would happen).




Boardwalk Empire Lives.




Quasi apology to Nate Silver; he didn't write the piece of crap I dissed so badly  on Sunday, he merely posted it on his blog.