The Gateway (Manny Gold & Sludgie The Dolphin Memorial Edition)

Back in 2011, before I came to my senses and realized (when no one else did) that the Democrats had to run a real campaign to hold the Weiner seat, and the only concern was how to deal with a seat almost certain to disappear after reapportionment, I had an idea:

If there is a special election, my choice would be a distinguished name who would cap off his distinguished career by taking a distinguished dive on re-election.

My best choice: Former State Senator Emanuel Gold.”  

Sadly, Senator Gold, who made some history, is now history himself.  

Marty Connor remembers:

"The passing of Sen. Gold yesterday will no doubt be commemorated in a resolution sometime in the near future. Those remaining in the Senate from both parties who served with him will no doubt expound on his incredible skills as floor leader and debater. (back when the Senate had real debaters on both sides --lots of trial lawyers and a few professors ---al spoke ex tempore --the back and forth was relished by the debaters---sometimes, we in the Minority even convinced Republicans and had the bills withdrawn!)

But, no Republicans will bring up his finest hour. No Democrats (except perhaps Toby Stavisky) will remember when he put it all on the line.

Some will remember that he (always in the Minority) passed significant legislation -- Son of Sam; pill labeling, etc. (Senators in the Minority got to do that until the late 1980's).

But, his finest hour was when he voted for racial justice against his district's strong sentiments (the attached articles will give you a flavor of his district ---Forest Hills Jews were not liberal about Black people living there in 1971 and 1972; forget his Irish and Italian areas -- they were worked up over abortion!)

I have seen courage from other legislators ---the story of the deciding vote on abortion by George Michaels is legendary---he lost his seat. Of course, we have Senators Alessi, Saland and McDonald from the Republican side as well, losing their seats for supporting marriage equality.

I defeated Manny in 1994 in the Leader race. He always said we were friends who just happened to run for the same office (during the race for leader he announced to the Black and Hispanic Caucus members that he had already picked the Deputy Leader ---me!).

There was much more of a sense that the Democratic Conference was on a common mission (is there any now?). When Senator Joe Galiber died in late 1995, I appointed Manny as Ranking Member on the Finance Committee. As always he led with intelligence energy and compassion.

Manny was an incredible Renaissance man --excelling at music, photography, sports and the practice of law. His colleagues were always enthralled by his talents, kindness and commitment to public service.

But, his finest hour was when he stood up against the prevailing political storm in his district to defend fairness for all. I trust Senators will read the stories below and make sure his political courage gets mentioned when a resolution mourning his passing comes before the Senate.




I'm glad someone is taking a look at how Manhattan Borough President candidate Julie Menin, back in 2002, at age 35, somehow managed to go on a political haj, journeying from Democrat to Independence to Republican and back, in the course of 17 months without any plausible rationale beyond her own self interest.

My only problem is that no one points out that Brooklyn Beep candidate Eric Adams began the same sort of later life journey (hBrooklyn Beep candidate Eric Adams began the same sort of later life journey at the height of the Gingrich revolution, with far more right wing ideological fire, before doing a complete backflip to left liberalism, without any explanation whatsoever, and no one in the press thinks it is worthy of even passing comment.




Eric Adams always says "Show Me The Money” and this time someone did.


To be fair, Adams has always been big on working across party lines (hbig on working across party lines.--I guess that's why he fancies himself a "re-former"




Most intellectually dishonest article of the week:

The Post uses the restoration of the payroll tax, a provision of the "fiscal cliff" compromise insisted upon by the Republicans and initially opposed by the President, to slap the President for raising taxes on the poor and middle class.

Special Disingenuous Schmuck Award: Brooklyn Young Republican honcho Glenn Nocera.




The "Smartest Man In America" needs a grammar check.

Allocating Presidential Electors by Congressional District is not a "proportional system," (which would require they be allocated by the proportion of the vote each candidate received in a particular constituency)--it is a “winner take all” system played on a smaller table (with loaded dice).

I will, however concede that if one ignores the gross stupidity of calling a Congressional based system "proportional," Silver does make a few interesting observations.




Punchline of the joke "what is the difference between Ariel Sharon and Avigdor Lieberman? Former Israeli Premier Ariel Sharon Has “Significant” Brain Activity Despite Coma


Good news for David Storobin--there appears to be hope for him-- in Russian politics

CHARLIE PETERS: Oliver Stone’s documentary miniseries The Untold History of the United States is more accurate than his movie JFK, in which he wove a few remotely plausible facts into an absurdly vast conspiracy to explain the assassination of John Kennedy...


...Stone has one fact right that few other historians have acknowledged. Henry Wallace was indeed deprived of the 1944 vice presidential nomination by Democratic political bosses...On the other hand, Stone does not mention that Wallace’s original nomination to the vice presidency in 1940 had also been forced down the convention’s throat by the bosses. I was there and witnessed the loud booing whenever Wallace’s name was spoken.

As for Harry Truman, if David McCullough’s beguiling biography tends to airbrush the blemishes on his record, Stone tends to exaggerate them to the point of painting Truman as more responsible for the Cold War than the Soviet Union, which is just plain not true. This kind of tilting, emphasizing the sins of the United States while minimizing the misdeeds of the other fellows, mars the entire series.



Palin leaving?

Anywhere else, this would auger an improvement in journalistic quality. While it is hard to see how things at Fox could get any worse, one must always be wary. Ever prior time one has thought they couldn't get any lower they always pulled an unexpected surprise.

Paul Newell The Todd Akin Hour? This Week in Illegal Wiretapping?

Gatemouth The Ted Nugent/Hank Williams Jr.  Goodtime Hour.

Paul Newell Schoolbeat with Wayne Lapierre?



A Dolphin appears at the end of the Gates’ block and Dybbuk makes his TV debut (it's the post in the second page of the videos entitled "Dolphin in Brooklyn")

Dybbuk: I know it’s from Fox, but you should watch it anyway.

Domestic Partner: He wouldn’t even get off the couch until he heard there were TV cameras up the block. Wonder who he takes after.

Orthodox Pundit: Cute boy. Well thought responses. Looks like he practiced already for prime time (May I say this publicly: He flashes with this fingers for quotation marks - "good waters" - like John McCain/Jon Stewart). And his body language at "of all the places," looks like you would reason when studying Talmud. ://