The Gateway (Marty for Mayor Edition)

Well, at least we never need worry that there are any shots of him from the gym. Marty eyes mayor run



More Marty: From Lebanese to Lesbians, we've got them all.
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Queens Republican Battle Cry: "We know what we are; we're just arguing over the price"
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Cash At Center Of Battle Over Queens Republican Party



It's a firehouse rally and Kruger got hosed (and not in the good way).
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First Schwartz, then Israel and Wasserman-Schultz.

It's only a matter of time before we have a minyan at the Weiner Roast.

If he's tossed out, will the headline be "Weiner Yanked" or "Weiner Whacked?"



The spectacle of "progressives" supporting Clintonite, Likudnik, anti-congestion pricing, wimped out on the Mosque Weiner because of "what he's accomplished" (what exactly?) is hilarious.

In the words of Chris Owens: "I did, however, respect his intellect, his tenacity and his ability to articulate a more progressive Democratic agenda -- when he thought it was to his advantage to do so."
"No Weiner, No Peace" Press Conference



From the Gate Archives (8/6/10): 8/6/10: A reminder to "progressives" of the real Anthony Weiner:

Congressman Anthony Snatch Tries to Mosque His True Feelings: "I hope that as this issue is going forward, there is a process ...[which will] allow fair questions to be raised."

WTF is this man talking about? There've been two sets of loud and contentious public hearings, and now the administrative review process is OVER!

Tony the Hot Dog obviously left his balls in his other pair of pants (hopefully the one his Islamic wife won't let him into until he grows another set)--the “man” has forfeited the right to use of the word Weiner.
Rep. Anthony Weiner's Position On Ground Zero Mosque?




Yesterday, I posted this on Facebook, noting it was only a matter of time before the video embedded within went viral.

Since then, it has, and deservedly so.
The Brooklyn Politics Blog In related news, here is Weiner getting ready for that sword fight with Rahm.



Lobbyists get fat on NYS House Dems fighting each other on redistricting.

All of this would be unnecessary, if only Weiner would just decline to run again N.Y. House members hiring Albany lobbyists for battle | Democrat and Chronicle | democratandchronicl



If there is a special election, my choice would be a distinguished name who would cap off his distinguished career by taking a dinstinguished dive on re-election.

My best choice: Former State Senator Emanuel Gold



Right winger defends Weiner...against Adele Cohen 06/10/11 - Forget Sex!—Anthony Weiner Falls Foul Of The “Great Taboo”



Some Zionist food for thought for my friends on the Zionist right. Partition - for Zionism's sake