The Gateway (Mi Shebeirach Edition)

I had just checked out of the Downtown (as opposed to Uptown) Super 8 (I’d been staying in Room 199, not 8) in Charlotte (Uptown is an appropriate name for an “Up” sort of neighborhood and Downtown is similarly well named).  

I was sitting in the lobby, surrounded by luggage, sloshing down coffee, and using my laptop to check in for my flight and to fix a blogpost when one of the motel’s permanent residents asked me if I need a cab. I nodded.

He returned with a van bearing an advertising car-top which proclaimed “Don’t Believe The Liberal Media.” 

GATE: You expect me to ride in that thing? 

DRIVER: Don’t blame me brother; I’ve been catching shit for that damn thing the whole week.

After I arrived home, Domestic Partner asked if I'd gotten her a present. I handed her a button that said "Sluts Vote" and said "Among Other Things."

She frowned as she replied "for this, you'd be lucky if they even voted."

Anyway, it’s over and it’s clearly time to clean out the leftover bin.   




Witnessed at the convention:

Reporter: Do you have any advice for the President?

Mike Dukakis: The President doesn't need my advice; he won.




An accurate response to Republicans on Jerusalem might be "So's your alter mensch" Actually, Both Party Platforms Dial Back the Jerusalem References    




For those who care, a piece about Ben Smith and the other site besides this one in which he holds an ownership share; shamefully, there is no mention of Room 8. The Tweeps on the Bus   




One would think the Governor endorsing a Democrat would be the ultimate "dog bites man" story, but if the Democrat is a State Senator, it really deserves a headline.

If it happened in a general election, it would be worthy of the wood.
Governor Cuomo Endorses a Democratic Senator for Reelection   




JCOPE has gotten it exactly backwards.

Now that a Special Prosecutor has been appointed, JCOPE really has no business pursuing Lopez (as opposed to how the legislature handles sexual harassment in general) until the legal process has reached its conclusion.

On the other hand, how the Speaker and others handled the cover up by settlement of some of the Lopez accusations is exactly the sort of matter for which JCOPE was created.
Albany Ethics Panel to Focus on Assemblyman Lopez, not Silver   

Paradox (n): When Ravi Batra's resigning from an ethics panel makes things worse. Capitol Confidential » Batra: ‘I expect to resign’   




City Hall News asks "Now Velazquez is watching Lopez implode during a self-destructive sexual harassment scandal while her own stature as a power broker in Brooklyn continues to rise. Could a future run as the county’s first Democratic Party chairwoman be far off?"

But didn't Nydia’s staunch  ally Chris Owens just say just say “The Executive Committee should implement progressive policies -- policies, for example, that ...aggressively discourage individuals from holding both public and party offices -- a practice that suppresses participation at the "club" level and limits the pool of good-quality Democratic workers and officeholders" Winners and Losers, Sept. 7, 2012   




The ghost of Vito Lopez sends out county committee proxies in his name.

He's going down in a raging storm of hubristic lunacy and denial, but he's still going down
Press Advisory: Vito Lopez Mail Fraud   




It goes without saying, even before Vito's troubles, that an endorsement by Joe Lentol in the 50th AD means more to non-controlled voters there than an endorsement by Vito Lopez.  Post Vito, Joe Lentol Endorses Reform Candidate Lincoln Restler   




I really like Warren Cohn, but I'm not sure he delivers many votes; nonetheless, his endorsement is a sure sign that the fat lady is singing for the challenge to Lincoln Restler. Boss loss emboldens borough Democrats   




Embarrassed by her appearance on Colbert, Yvette Clarke claims she was only trying to be funny.

I think she could keep her day job.

Actually, that would be even worse.
A Congresswoman's Call for Freedom From the Dutch  




GATE (7/2/12):

Schoenberg: Rumor du jour: Michael Nelson promised Ben Akselrod support if he musters enough support and money.

McGonnigle: I'm going to have to consider this rumor groundless unless you can provide evidence that Michael Nelson does anything

Apparently, McGonnigle was wrong.  

Colin: (8/6/12): Term-limited Councilman Mike Nelson endorsed Ben Akselrod over incumbent Steve Cymbrowitz. From the press release, “I am proud to endorse Ben Akselrod for NYS Assembly. I have listened to my constituents and have heard their ‘shout-out’ for change. Akselrod is the right man for the job.”

BTW, Nelson calls Akselrod and his running mate “A Dream Team," which is probably accurate if you've eaten pickled herring and onions just before bedtime. Roundup: How Cute of Andrew Cuomo to Become a Democrat   




It was unfair of Chris Matthews to call Eric Ulrich and his friends "a douchebag convention."

It wouldn't be a real "douchebag convention" unless Ulrich's primary opponent, Juan Reyes was also in attendance.

Ulrich and his friends are more accurately to be referred to as "a douchebag caucus."
Chris Matthews Snubs Eric Ulrich in Tampa, Hijinks Ensue   




For Lew: Get well soon.