The Gateway (Nate Silver's America Edition)

Funny thing, but Politico's post election Electoral College Map looks almost identical to Nate Silver's last pre-election map.  

If the trends in Florida keep going the way they are looking, the maps will, in fact, be identical. 

Which is why Silver is called “The Smartest Man In America.” 2012 Election Results Map by State - Live Voting Updates   




I missed Sully's liveblog until this morning, but it is a revelation.   

I never thought I'd say this, but after his descritions of the Rove meltdown, I wish that I had watched Fox.

Plus, this great line: "All those people calling themselves moderates? They're moderate Republicans and they voted for the moderate Republican running for the presidency: Barack Obama."
Live-Blogging Election Night



Please note, what appears to be a popular/electoral vote split probably won't be when all the west coast votes are counted.

In any event, if Obama loses the popular vote, it will largely be a matter of playing to win by the rules and ignoring a metric that doesn't bring home the bacon. 

The Republicans will use it for what it is worth (how soon we forget 2000), but those who will gripe if it happens would be better advised to go work for the NPV plan.   




It looks like child support deadbeat Joe Walsh (after I explained child support to nine year old Dybbuk, he branded Walsh “The Worst Person in the World”) doesn't have a leg to stand on. Congrats Tammy Duckworth.  Tea Party Congressman Defeated In Volatile Illinois Race   




Please no jokes about inhaling. Election Night’s Other Big Winners: Gays and Ganja   




New York State Senate Democrats: A Majority; if they can keep it.

Looks like Dems won somewhere between 32 and 34 seat, but that includes the IDC, Simcha Felder and Ruby Diaz.

A Democrat may yet lead the Senate, but it seems unlikely his name will be John Sampson.

Anti-same sex marriage forces drew enough votes to the Conservative line to beat pro-same sex marriage GOPer Steve Saland.

Fortunately, the national warning sent by the Saland and McDonald defeats has been drowned out by the successes of same sex marriage referendums elsewhere and the victories of Tammy Baldwin and Sean Maloney. State Senate Democrats Claim Control Of House   




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