The Gateway (Nehru Jackass Edition)

Sorry, but when I think about the things that make Charles Barron going to Congress worrisome, the way he dresses does not top my list. Would Charles Barron Tie One On (A Tie, That Is) In Congress, Or Stick With  His Nehru Jacket? 




Amsterdam News endorses Barron.

Elinor Tatum, self-hating Jew. Amsterdam News endorses Meeks, Velázquez, Barron, Rangel for congressional election 





A big hand to Rory Lancman for being frank in saying that income of $106,000 should be subject to the Social Security Tax.  

And thanks to Liz Crowley for finally clearing up my curiosity as to why so many Queens civic and political types regard her as an intellectual (perhaps not the best choice of words) lightweight. 

Btw, where is Grace Meng on this issue? Crowley and Lancman disagree on raising taxes to fund Social Security | Capital New York    




When your Party's nominee comes from the only town on the wrong side of river in a district contiguous only by waterborne transit, and otherwise only accessible via a bridge with a half hour wait to cross,  it is called "taking a dive" 

Why would the Republicans do that?

Perhaps because the real headline of this link should be “Democrat turned Republican takes on Democrat turned de facto Republican.” Democrat-Turned-Republican Taking On Carlucci | City & State  




Storobin takes over Kruger’s district office, offering continuity in representation.  

Why would Storobin place his office in a part of his old district that won’t be part of new one?  

Is he hoping for the opportunity to collection the cash-filled envelopes slipped through Kruger’s mail slot by people who haven’t heard the news?   

Apparently, Storobin was encouraged to keep the office by the GOP leadership because the State already had a lease on the space.  

I would hail this as a laudable effort by Dean Skelos to save the taxpayers a few grand, if Skelos weren’t wasting millions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing new superfluous and unemployable Rabbis for Borough Park.  

One has to conclude that if Skelos really wanted Storobin re-elected, he would help him to locate an office where his new voters are.   Storobin To Open District Office Next Week, Will Be Kruger’s Old Haunt | Sheepshead Bay News Blog    




I don't understand why John Liu is so upset about the stories about Simcha Felder allegedly campaigning on taxpayer time.

Seems to me Liu’s finally found a way to get the press to talk about something other than his own fundraising. Felder Campaigning On City Time? | City & State    




Other young yeshiva graduates spend a year in Israel. The Tischler boys go right from their Bar Mitzvah to running for office.  

Insanity doesn't run in the Tischler family; it gallops.

Not that it will ever happen, but the best thing about Mo Tischler beating Dov Hikind is that it would take at least few years before Moishe became a loud and arrogant national figure, with a D next to his name, to be constantly trotted out by the GOP for their own convenience.

Gatemouth endorses Mo Tischler. Hikind May Get A Challenger From Upstart Tischler Family | City & State    




Poor Junior Boyland couldn’t go to the Stop and Frisk rally in DC, and had to stay in Williamstown. 

Junior lost interest in the stop and frisk rally anyway, once he learned that the protest applied only to instances when the authorities lacked probable cause. Mr. Boyland Tries to Go to Washington    




Though he has yet to apologize for throwing the burning rag (he's only apologized for causing offense by throwing the burning rag), I'm glad David Segal found a job where I'm not contributing to his salary.

As to the so-called "Long Island Progressive Coalition," I guess it all depends upon your definition of “progress." 

Where I come from, burning things down is generally regarded as a backward step.

Anyway, the "Long Island Progressive Coalition" says they fight for affordable housing. Good for them. 

Hopefully, no one who opposes the affordable housing they seek to build will take Mr. Segal as their example when deciding upon tactics. Ydanis’ Controversial Former Spokesman Lands A New Gig    




New corollary to Kinsley's Law:

A gaffe is when a politician is taken out of context.   




Now, this is a classic “Kinsley gaffe”: a politician telling the truth as he sees it.

The GOP strategy is supposed to be to talk against "Stimulus" in general terms to avoid saying what stimulus money is actually spent on (or in the alternative to cherry-pick examples which sound bad in sound bites).

Instead, Mitt lays it on the line, defining the stimulus measures in exactly the manner a Democrat would:

"he wants another stimulus,..He says we need more fireman, more policeman, more teachers…”
Daily Kos: Mitt Romney mocks President Obama for wanting 'more fireman, more policeman, more teacher  




Sully's readers catch another Romney whopper: Obama's Two Year Long Supermajority. The Big Lies of Mitt Romney V: Obama Had A Super-Majority In Congress For Two Years and The Big Lies of Mitt Romney V: Obama Had A Super-Majority In Congress For Two Years, Ctd




The smartest man in America lays out his election model.

My instincts tell me Obama is not this strong, but my instincts also tell me that instincts should usually defer to numbers Election Forecast: Obama Begins With Tenuous Advantage




Not that it has ever lit a fire under the tails of lefties and socially liberal centrists before, but, just to put things in perspective, this year’s election is the rubber match for generational control of the Supreme Court. The End of 5-4    




I hear Paul’s supporters are up in arms that he conceded before all the votes were counted at the convention. Ron Paul: I won't be the nominee    




When a freaky system produces a freaky result it is not a freak accident--it is an inevitable byproduct. California's 'political freak accident'    




“Tie a Yellow Star round the old fig tree.”