The Gateway (Not Every Story is About The Jews, It Just Seems That Way Edition)

WHY AM I REMINDED OF ERNIE K-DOE? Strange, but this article supports two seemingly contradictory conclusions:

1) For many Israeli feminists, the “Rape by Deception case” has nothing to do with racism or Arabs, and those who condemn this conclusion as naive should remember that this is the nation that produced Moshe Katsav and Haim Ramon. The anger of Israel women anger is not without some good cause, and Jew of Arab, the bums are still males.

2) There is among some Israelis an almost Germanic desire for racial purity divorced from any mere religious belief, and far more insidious than the "Shiksas are for practice" admonitions of my great-grandmother (who, incidentally read the Forward everyday)

Conclusion by Stephen Stills: "nobody's right if everybody's wrong"

Additional Observations:

Domestic Partner: “YOU MEAN HE'S MARRIED!!!!!!! Thrown away the G-Damn key.”


I know it's not supposed to be funny, but the best part of the story is how, after cheating on his wife, the poor bastard was subjected to House Arrest at HIS MOTHER-IN-LAW's home.

Now, that's cruel and unusual punishment.
Israeli Feminists Debate Rape Charge – The Jewish Daily Forward


THINK YIDDISH, DID DA BRITISH: The Brits seem shocked that Israeli President Shimon Peres has called them biased against Israel and Jews in general, but like most Francophiles, Shimon Peres hates the British on general principles, which does have its points, except for the part about liking the French.

But almost every Jew who's visited the place and interacted with polite society says the same thing about Britain. It's all over the novels of both Richler and Roth, neither one of whom is a Likudnik, and one of whom (Roth) especially disdains false accusations of anti-Semitism.

And anyway, why are Gazans still firing rockets?--there was no blockade before there was rockets. Is no one in Britain besides Oona King aware of Muslims sometimes display hatred towards Jews, or do they think the street only runs one way?
Israel president Shimon Peres accuses Britain of pro-Arab bias | World news |


MY BABY SENT ME A LETTER?: To my friends on the Zionist right; be careful what you ask for--you might get it.
Reports: Obama letter to PA - Laura Rozen -


CRAZY LIKE A FOXMAN (Or Maybe Just Irrational):

FOXMAN: “Survivors of the Holocaust are entitled to feelings that are irrational...Their anguish entitles them to positions that others would categorize as irrational or bigoted.”

True to a point Abe, but excusing the families of the survivors in no way absolves the irrational and bigoted positions of everyone else. ...

Unlike Congressional Republicans, I favor compensating the 9-11 survivors--they can have my cash, but not my First Amendment
Jewish Group Opposes Muslim Center Near Ground Zero -


SODA BREAD WITH A SCHMEER?: The McMahon Campaign goes to the confessional and Father Dov and Monsignor Shelly grant it absolution; penance is undisclosed (and possibly not even merited), but I'm betting on five Hail Miriams, a trip to Dougie's Barbeque and a million dollar earmark to Met Council. McMahon gets a Silver lining - Maggie Haberman -

This is why "Farfetched" sounds like its a Yiddish word Department:

The best (but most Byzantine) theory for why McMahon's campaign might actually think spotlighting Michael Grimm's "Jewish money" might help them:

McMahon would rather run again Michael Allegretti (scion of a "Family" which runs a fuel oil company on the Gowanus Canal) than Griim (ex-marine and FBI agent). Making Grimm the perceived candidate of the Jews (and maybe even a perceived Jew) helps Allegetti among the Republican primary electorate (the only Jews ever to win elections on Staten Island have both been named Straniere.)

Problem with the theory: why would anyone think Grimm’s profile is more appealing to this district’s voters than Allegretti’s?


Hypocritical Windbag Douchebag of the Century: Peter King

Is there anything more offensive than watching a member of the party of the Filibuster railing about undemocratic procedural maneuvers?

Democrats should offer House Republicans the following deal: the day the Senate allows items to pass with 51 votes is the day we allow you unlimited amendments. For every important bill your party lets on the senate floor, we'll give you an important bill you can attempt to poison-pill to your heart‘s (perhaps not the best choice of words) content.
Weiner and King Haven't Cooled By The Morning | The New York Observer


Errol Louis Twitter: “Today's column: Weinder (sic) and Grayson show the fighting spirit Dems will need for victory in November.

Of course--the problems is that Weinder's (sic) fighting spirit isn't about the entire country in November 2010 (where its results will be mixed at best), but rather, it is about NYC in November 2013,when Tony the Hot Dog runs (he hopes) for Mayor.

And Errol, Artur Davis' failure among the Democratic primary electorate is of extremely limited relevance to a general election in Alabama.
Dems, embrace the fighter within: Anthony Weiner & Alan Grayson know how to cut through clutter


Did he really say that Department: Actual Facebook quote from Assembly Candidate Steve Behar to Azi Paybarah (Since revised): "Happy Birthday Azi! You should check out my Assembly is a proxy for our failed government in Albany!"

Well, the first Mayor Daley once said, "Gentlemen, get the thing straight once and for all– the policeman isn't there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder."



Ancient seventies anti-feminist relic (you mean this woman hasn't died yet) Phyllis Schlafly announced her continuing opposition to government aid to unmarried mothers.

Because, after all what possible consequence would there be to cutting off assistance to women with children?

If cut off from the initiative-crippling free lunch of the liberal mommy state, these women would have no alternative but to take the conservative route of self reliance and personality responsibility.

We cultural elitists have a different euphemism for that route:

"Choice" (an ironic term for people who have no such thing).
t r u t h o u t | Right-Wing Pundit Phyllis Schlafly Decries Government Assistance for "Unmarried Moms


RUBEN MANWICH?: Really Counterproductive Post of the Day:

I have decidedly mixed feelings about outing anti-gay politicians who are gay; There are many who believe that closeted gay electeds who use their offices to encourage bigotry against homosexuals deserve to be exposed.

I myself do not name names, because I find the practice of doing so personally distasteful, and because I do not have the moral standing to engage in such a practice.

But I also lack the moral standing to object to that practice.

However, if one is going to engage in that practice, it would be nice to find a target with whom one has evidence of such activities (See, Monica Lewinsky). Lord knows, there is no shortage of accurate targets for such an attack. But, the spread of false accusations to advance even a good cause is just bad for the process. the albany project:: SD-32: What's in Ruben's Closet? (other than perhaps himself)  


IT’S NOT THAT EASY BEING GREENE: And you thought ALVIN Greene was weird. Jeff Greene's path to Senate campaign shows he is uncompromising, sometimes to a fault - St. Petersb


As they say on Star Trek: Live long and prosper Stare at boobs for longer life: Study | TheMedGuru