The Gateway (Post-Inaugural Edition)

If you focus too much on the mostly symbolic (and highly appropriate) recognition of groups too long marginalized, you miss the main point.  


Obama boldly endorsed a vision of the American social contract which used to be part of the bland consensus (with the debate confined to the devils and angels of the details). Sadly, in 2013, his speech can accurately be described as an "in your face" rebuke of the philosophical vision of both American government and America itself articulated by the 2013 Republican Party (almost explicitly citing the thoughts of both members of its last national ticket).

It was also a (albeit a far milder one) rebuke to the whiny nihilistic left. "We must act knowing that our work will be imperfect. We must act knowing that today's victories will be only partial, and that it will be up to those who stand here in four years and 40 years and 400 years hence to advance the timeless spirit once conferred to us in a spare Philadelphia hall."





Orthodox Jewish GOP shill Gestetner defaces MLK's birthday by citing Ike's record to advance tired dated GOP memes concerning their alternate history of Civil Rights. I’ve rebuked such nonsense before but this willful ignorance still persists.

To the extent that Gestetner's point is true (a mixed proposition at best) it is sort of like contending that the Islamic world is less anti-Semitic than the Christian world because Hitler killed more Jews (true, but barely relevant to the present circumstances).




Because this report does not distinguish between Haredi and more modern streams of Orthodoxy, its overview of Jewish schools is stilted to emphasize the end of the stream where the biggest problems lie and thus the article creates the impression that this represents the norm for all Orthodox Jewish schools, which is probably untrue and unfair.

However, anyone with extensive dealings with the Haredi community already understands the disgrace of most of their schools, which leave students unequipped for anything but a life of poverty. I've written about this myself, and, if anything, I seem to have minimized the problem, though apparently not as much as those whose job it is to see these schools meet even the most minimal standards.


I do not think it is unfair to assume that this it is more than mere incompetence which is at fault (not that I discount its presence)--the State and City Education Departments are clearly more in fear of political blowback than they are in fear of illiteracy.

Even if there were no establishment clause and no Blaine Amendment, I would still oppose tax credits and other private school aid, except in very limited circumstances, for the same reasons I am skeptical of charter schools.

There should be no government money expended where there is no accountability.


I can just hear Lincoln Restler saying that this is why such people should not be entitled to a Council District of their own.




This article purports to be more than it is, since it only reports on a limited number of Council races.


Further, unless David Storobin has gone insane, it is unlikely he is running in the 46th (likely to be 56% black) rather than the Russian dominated 48th, where I believe his building is being moved (but who knows--I said he would be nuts to run in the Super-Jewish Senate District and he did anyway).




Things Which Made Me Chuckle Department: " But Nydia brings together a wide range of local Democrats in Brooklyn and beyond. Those who know local Brooklyn politics know that it is rare to find former state senator Marty Connor at the same political event as the guy who defeated him, state senator Daniel Squadron (NOTE: I endorsed Connor over Squadron but am also friends with Squadron). But they were both there for Congresswoman Nydia. And locally Gatemouth and I don't run so much in the same crowd, but we were both there."




Melinda Patelli (On Facebook): So many posts on FB asking if I support drug testing for welfare applicants and recipients. ANSWER: 100% YES. (Please no replies about prescription meds, don't waste mine or your time with ridiculousness)
Contrarily to welfare, here is where prescriptions for mental instabilities could help keep guns out of some of the wrong hands.

Gatemouth: My big problem with this is that we have drug screenings as a condition for welfare and drug screenings as a condition of employment. Geez, if you can't work and you can't collect welfare, what can you do but steal? And now you want to take their guns away too?




GATEMOUTH (on Facebook): I Just unfriended someone who was posting about Sandy Hook being a hoax. Feel so great. Anyone else wanna join them?

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Adam Bermudez: I think YOU"RE a hoax, mouth of gates. "You" are clearly a syndicate of disgruntled young Brooklyn political staffers in cahoots to create utter anarchy in the County of Kings. SHAME. One man cannot know all "you" know. Someday I'll get to the bottom of this. I don't know who the ringleader of this so-called one man blog, maybe that Evan Thies character, I dunno. But I've got my eyes on you people! (Disclaimer: The preceding post was a hoax. Please address libel suits to Jerry Goldfeder.)


GATEMOUTH: Ironically, back when I was anonymous, I would spread such rumors myself

I’ll add that there were some other bloggers (see the thread) who would spread these rumors themselves (see the text).