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Who ya gonna call? (Adbusters)

I ain't afraid a no Jews. Adbusters, Impetus for OWS, Also Regularly Bashes Israel – Tablet Magazine  



Please do not mistake this for an ideological statement, it is merely a tactical one---Gingrich poaching Cain's campaign staff is a little bit like a homeless man who's found a bulging wallet still going through garbage cans to assemble a meal. Newt Gingrich Plans To Poach Cain Campaign Staff



Barron says "Cuomo must go."

The reason? Cuomo did something Barron agrees with.

While I would normally agree that doing what Barron asks for should be an impeachable offense, I do wish he'd stop discouraging people from agreeing with him in the rare instances when he is right. The Brooklyn Politics Blog  



As much as Simcha Felder is an agreeable personality who is intelligent and sincere, I strongly oppose his election to the State Senate as a Republican. But in a pissing match between Felder and Yehuda Fuckyouthinkyouare Levin, I got Simcha's back. Reject Simcha Felder - An 'Obama Democrat'.avi  



A Savino primary opponent?

This guy seems so pathetic (he calls back memories of Mark Escoffery-Bey and Andre Soleil) that not even John Sampson could have come up with him. The Brooklyn Politics Blog  



I love the Staten Island Democratic Association, which had the good taste to invite me to speak (a splendid time was had by all), but the idea that a candidate coming out of this liberal group could win the 13th CD is a delusion on the level of the Santorum campaign. The Brooklyn Politics Blog  



Recchia says he's not Jerry Seinfeld (big surprise, my guess was Andrew "Dice" Clay).
Yes, Dominic is Master of His Own Domain.

Not that there's anything wrong with it. The Brooklyn Politics Blog  



At last, a Liu contribution which undoubtedly came from the guy whose name was on the check. Liu got $$ from dad’s co-crook  



I have a simple solution to over-voting: ban cross endorsements--problem mostly solved. WNYC News - Thousands of NY Votes Tossed Because of Too Many Filled Ovals  



Back in 2010, I wrote an article making fun of two really pathetic candidates (which I just cited a few entries ago), in which I told this anecdote:

“Not making the ballot did not stop E-Bey. The minutes of the October 27, 2010 meeting of the NYC Board of Elections are testament to the doggedness of Mr. Escoffery-Bey in his never ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

The minutes note that the General Counsel reported a correction involving the September 15, 2009 Democratic Primary for City Council in the 16th City Council District in Bronx County reflecting a missing write-in vote.

The Board had been served an Order to Show Cause returnable in Federal Court the day before its meeting by Brother T. Williams-Bey and Mark Escoffery-Bey, alleging the Board failed to give them the opportunity to write-in votes.

In preparing to defend the Board, it was found that Mr. Williams-Bey was not eligible to vote in that Primary because he resided in the 15th City Council District. Mr. Escoffery-Bey who was a candidate on the ballot, but removed by court order, stated that he wrote in his name.

The Bronx Borough Office was directed to recheck the write-in canvass rolls in the 20th Election District of the 77th Assembly District. The Bronx BOE staff determined that they recorded Mr. Escoffery-Bey’s name as a candidate for Mayor, Public Advocate and City Comptroller, but failed to include the City Council write-in which was at the bottom of the paper roll. Mr. Escoffery-Bey stated that as long as the Board records his write-in vote he was willing to discontinue the proceeding. Counsel advised the Federal Court that the Board would correct the inadvertent error. The Bronx Deputy Chiefs submitted an amended certification for the September 15, 2009 Democratic Primary in the 16th City Council District to show one write-in vote for Mr. Escoffery-Bey.”

Sad to say, I now understand.   

In response to an earlier post, the NYC Board of Elections has finally posted the 2011 General Election Results for Kings County Civil Court.

And somehow, the vote cast for Gatemouth (as Gatemouth) was not counted.

Is this a conspiracy? Or is it revenge? Board of Elections in the City of New York - Elections Results 



The “Jig Is Up Atlas” responds to Gatey, and the post is actually coherent, raising the possibility they brought in an outside ringer to write it (political consultant Gerry O'Brien?—but he denied it, as did Republican Party Law Chair Gene Berardelli, without even being asked).

I would not want to be in the room when Rock reads the (albeit well-executed) cheap shot they take at him.

But where does the author get off calling middle of the road power groupie without regard to ideology like Dominic Carter a "left radical"?

If Dominic Carter is a left radical, then "The Jig Is Up Atlas" is written by Edmund Burke.
We Love Gatemouth | The Jig Is Up Atlas