The Gateway (Returning To Well-Deserved Obscurity Edition)

Bloomie says we won't be inconvenienced by the blizzard.

Gatey say’s it’s time to sit at home and read a rerun.




A Snow Ball Fight in the Park for Peace?

Domestic Partner: A Truly Lovely Idea

Gatemouth: Why am I thinking of Frank Zappa?!/events/505848996121118/




Just to be clear, the BDS (Bash, Destroy and Savage Israel) movement is not about pressuring Israel to end its settlements and occupation...

 ...unless you are of the belief (and they are) that Tel Aviv, Haifa, Herzliya, Eilat, Safad, B'nai Brak, etc are all "occupied" territory.

Jesus Christ (perhaps not the best choice of words), even Norman Finkelstein understands it's about making sure there is no Jewish State.

The only question I have is, if we ban “one state solution” advocates like the BDS movement from Brooklyn College, how is Dov Hikind going to go to his alumni events?




Don’t Believe the Hype (such that it is), Eric Adams is still unopposed.

John Gangemi Sr. was the Republican candidate against Hugh Carey in his last election for Congress Congress (1972), and did pretty well.

In 1973, Gangemi was elected Republican City Councilman At Large from Brooklyn (not much of a trick, given each party was allowed to run only one candidate for the two open seats; still the GOP managed to lose to minor parties in 1969 and 1977). He served one term.

In 1980, Gangemi ran as a Democrat for the State Senate seat held by Republican Chris Mega (Jim McCall, the kinda reform insurgent supported by some of the liberals against Gangemi in the primary, later became a pretty conservative Republican, though an insurgent one who was backed by many liberals when he ran against Noach Dear for a Judgeship in 2007). In 1978, the Dems had nearly beat Mega with the very liberal Jack Carroll, and got the idea that running a very conservative Dem might do the trick. Gangemi was slaughtered. Two years after Gangemi’s loss, the Dems won the seat with the liberal Joe Montalto, only to lose it back to Mega in 1984. The GOP held the seat until 1996.

In 1982, a Judgeship opened at the last minute and Meade Esposito ran Gangemi for it in the primary. He was beaten, however, by the far more liberal Maggie Cammer (full disclosure: Cammer's brother is married to my mom's first cousin).

In 1996, Gangemi's son, John Jr. ran a primary challenge to Mega's successor, GOP State Senator Robert DiCarlo, and took him out, only to lose the general to Democrat Vinnie Gentile. In 1998, John Jr. tried again, but lost the GOP primary to Mega, who then lost in November to Gentile.

In 2001, John Sr.'s daughter Ursula ran in a Democratic primary for the area's Council seat, but came in a very poor third place.

It is hard for me to take the announcement of 74 year old John Sr. that he is running for Congress as anything but either the product of a nefarious scheme of unknown origin or a psychotic delusion.

Proof of the latter? This is the second time I’ve run this item in two years.




It's February and the voter files still aren’t completely updated, but some things at the Board of Elections happen real fast.

Andrew Cuomo@NYGovCuomo:
Glad you were able to vote @lenadunham: … | If you move again, you can change your address at 

Given the disaster-related purpose of the Governor's order allowing people to vote anywhere last fall, its alleged non-disaster related use by Ms. Dunham and the fact that no one can prove she voted, all makes this tweet a bit strange--perhaps someone should remind the Governor that the undisputed public record indicates that Ms. Dunham has never voted for him.


Gatemouth defends Lena from the wrath of a conservative, and gets him to print a grudging correction (albeit, he still gets it somewhat wrong).

What did Groucho say about fighting for this woman’s honor?

At last, an explanation for the "oy oy, oy"s in "Buffalo Soldier"