The Gateway (Surf and Turf Edition)

Skelos says the Senate Bargain and Sale Deed is a model for the nation.

Let's see, small rump factions holding out support in exchange for favors.

The nation it's a model for must be Italy, Israel or India.

Ruby Diaz, Sr., the man who helped draw Jeff Klein's roadmap complains about it.

Really, there is a difference between the "Carl_and_the_Passions" and “Larry Chance and the Earls

Klein and Company are more likely to stay bought.

I know the sexual past of Bill DeBlasio's wife isn't very relevant to who should be Mayor, but neither is the position of the candidates on the future of the West Bank. And frankly, the details here are potentially far more interesting than the matter of settlements, even if you have a cousin in Ariel (perhaps not the best choice of words).

If anyone could have seen 21 years ago that one day they'd be running for Mayor against a black and a lesbian, and wanted to be able to show they've dipped their wick (perhaps not the best choice of words) into both communities, it would be Bill DeBlasio.

Frankly, though, I'm not sure having a Surf & Turf loving Wasbian wife has much appeal in the LGBT community (with the possible exception of the Bs), though perhaps Kevin’s Smith’s “Chasing Amy” is dated (sorry, but I couldn’t find the “doesn’t this tube of wonder have a name?” scene).  

Likewise, I'm not sure there's all that much appeal to black voters either, (though perhaps Spike Lee's ”Jungle Fever” is dated--significantly enough, it was released in 1991, the year DeBlasio and his wife met)--except maybe to the conservative black parents of the Wasbian daughter. (Then again, when I was once introduced to the homophobic mother of a recently departed Wasbian as the new boyfriend, she took one look at her far younger daughter and said "Wouldn't you be more comfortable with someone closer to your own age").

Actually, one could argue that this most helps DeBlasio amongst social conservatives.  He won one for the team, or as his wife might say, he debagged the “bulldagger.”  I can just hear Joe Hayon proclaiming “What do you mean there’s no such thing as a ”Gay Cure?”  

The “cure” just happens to be a smooth-talking seven foot tall charmer.  

For me, the only thing here which is more shocking than amusing is Ms. McCray’s choice of words. In addition to “bulldagger,” a term I must confess I’d never heard before, she refers to “sexual preference,” a term I normally disapprove, rather than the more accurate “sexual orientation.”  However, in Ms. McCray’s defense, the term she chose may be more accurate in her case.   

But seriously, if we are going to make an issue out of a candidate's choice of what sort of black woman they marry, Bill DeBlasio is not going to be the candidate who has to worry.

Anyway, love conquers all, or as Ms. McCray notes:

“pretty is the woman in darkness
who flowers with loving

A Detroit Councilwoman argues that Obama owes Detroit, Though I've no opinion as to the merits of Detroit's special pleadings, I still must point out that it is probably more accurate to say that Detroit owes Obama.

I’m not totally unsympathetic though, as another Detroit Councilwoman, Martha Reeves once noted: “Philadelphia P.A., Baltimore and D.C now,
Can't forget the motor city”

This is probably the first time in 35 years' I've decided I could skip reading a Michael Kinsley column.