The Gateway (Sweet Memories Of Les Campbell And Bleecker Bob Edition)


Cuomo Bullshit Watch (Part 832):

Cuomo staffers come up with a post hoc justification for taking a dive for Skelos.

Truth be told, while “Racetrack Empire” may have justified shunning John Sampson, in recent decades no sitting elected Governor who wanted to has failed in an attempt to remove a sitting legislative leader of his own Party.

Sampson might justify an intramural coup for the SenDem's own good (and I've had led the cheers); but the Governor didn't even try that, because it might have stopped him from achieving the Senate Leader he really wanted.




Which Blasphemer Is Worse Department?:

Well, you can't say Joe Lhota would be a boring Mayor. In fact, he'd help create endless hours of hypotheticals for use at dorm room bull sessions like this one: "Who is the bigger imbecile, the college newspaper editor who'd publish cartoon of Jesus on the cross wearing a condom, or the Deputy Mayor who'd try to expel him for that.”



Perhaps inspired by South Carolina, Fast Eddie Cox tries to bring “The New Tolerant Intolerance” (a GOP strategy to attract minority votes with social conservatism) to NYC by running Rev. A.R. Bernard for Mayor.

Can we at least learn his first name first?

Well if the mission is missionary, he’s already been successful. I heard the news, and the only thing I could think to say was “Jesus Christ.”

When I first heard this, it stirred a memory:

According to Rock Hackshaw "The reverend himself lives in a mansion on Long Island"

I posted it on my Facebook page, and by the next day the Daily News had figured it out as well.

There are 8 million residents of NYC, but like Bloomie (who wanted to run Hillary), Fast Eddie can't think of one person who actually lives here who he thinks is qualified to run our City.

Meanwhile, the Reverend thinks it doesn’t matter:

“I’ve lived in Smithtown for family reasons. My kids are out there. But regardless of this race, my wife and I are already planning to move back into the city after more than 10 years,”

Nice that a guy who couldn't bear to rise his children here now wants to be in charge of a City full of people who do.




Thomas Lopez-Pierre may be Chuck Barron without the brains (which may actually be less scary) or Jimmy McMillan without the charisma (which is definitely less scary).

His latest missive, to Brian Benjamin, a prominent Harlemite on a Mark Levine fundraiser's Host Committee says, in part:

"They know that you are a weak, little short man who sucks White/Jewish cock.”

Wow. I know some friends of mine who'd like to meet this Benjamin guy.

Of course, the one who's sucking is Lopez-Pierre and what he is sucking is all the air out of the room. Levine should leave him a big tip.





Why is it that Eric Cantor, one of the Republicans least supportive of storm relief in the wake of Irene, was one of the strongest supporters in the wake of Sandy?

Call it the flipside of my previously articulated foreskin theory.




The case for Senator Frank.





I must note that the fact that everyone forgotten Les "Jitu Weusi" Campbell is actually a positive sign, but I am also reminded that he once inspired this wonderful piece of snark contained in left iconoclast Ellen Willis' updated version of "The Devil's Dictionary":

"SUPERSENSITIVE: in the habit of hearing insult and bigotry where none is intended; Jews are traditionally the worst offenders, being inclined to take constructive criticism like "Pale-faced Jew-boy, I wish you were dead" as evidence of anti-Semitism."




Give me my "Anchor Liberty" or Give Me "Death" (if that's not a new stout from the Rogue Brewery, it should be)

As both a vinyl collector and a lover of old NYC, I mourn the passing of any used record shop, but don't believe the hype.

Bleecker Bob's selection was never that special; its quirky filing system (of which, alphabetic by first name was only one annoying feature among many) was designed to fry your mind. Its owner, before he was confined to a wheelchair, was perhaps the City's single worst expert in customer relations (woe to the poor SOB who happened to mention Bob’s resemblance to Paul Simon).

Wanna mourn a shop that's closed? Shed tears for "Rockit Science" or "Final Vinyl" instead.