The Gateway ("You Call That Pathetic Thing A Boehner?" Edition)

Can anyone explain to me why the man who managed Andrew Gounardes' State senate campaign against Marty Golden is now working for a Mayoral candidate who helped Golden get elected to the Senate in the first place?



I appreciate Galewyn's Massey's attention to my election data analysis pieces, but a few points are in order

1) I am very well aware that the traditional border of Bay Ridge includes areas east of the Verrazano Bridge cut and my analysis reflects that. I’ve been dining at New Corner for a good long time.  

2) I think Galewyn discounts Golden's strength elsewhere. If the Democrats had run a candidate more demographically appealing to the east end of Golden's district (Jonathan Yedin comes to mind), one would have to question whether he would have done as well in the Ridge as a Greek-American from the Hood.

3) Galewyn underestimates David Storobin’s strength. Storobin may have lost decisively to Simcha Felder, but he is a formidable GOP candidate for Mike Nelson's Council seat, and the Democrats know it.




Orthodox Pundit apparently has problems with my knowledge of "kugel"

Boychick; I've been fressing upon kugel since before I could talk---potato, matzoh, luchen (I even know "Luchen" is the alternate word for "Tallaner") and varieties you've never seen on Lee Avenue.

As I noted, and proved, at least as regards Southern Brooklyn Haredim, the default vote in local races is now Republican, where it used to be Democratic. For chrissakes (perhaps not the best choice of words), they voted Republican in a virtually uncontested race for Civil Court.

I did not deny that Haredim might vote Democratic when they had a reason--and keeping a seat in the Assembly Majority might very well be a reason, but I would not be so sure that Hikind's seat stays Democratic when it changes hands. That may well depend upon who the candidates are and what else is on the ballot (and if the day comes, as it must, when Shelly Silver is no longer Speaker, even self-interest might not stop a Republican).

And self interest reason certainly doesn’t lend Democratic strength to the Felder seat, leaving Felder little motivation to stay in a Party whose leadership seems to have as little use for him as he has for them.

An incidentally, I don’t think “the Jewish vote” has been my most frequent topic.” Up until early November, my most frequent topics were campaigns, Jewish and otherwise. Afterwards, it seems to be control of the State Senate.!/2013/01/sunday-kugel-kings-republicans.html





A Brooklyn Wise Man Writes: Surprised that you didn't reflect on the Helene Weinstein race.....probably didn't fit your conclusion.

She ran against Hayon and carried the ortho areas 100%, didn't lose an ED.

Gotta be intellectually honest doesn't necessarily fit your neat conclusion.

Gate: #1; I was only working w/AD by AD results, so intellectual honesty don't enter into it--lack of data does

#2 even then, Weinstein’s district is 24% black and 45% non-white and was carried by Obama, who increased minority turnout to a great degree.

And, I will wager that Obama did not carry the Orthodox EDs.  

The fact is that Helene then met my article's two criteria:

"For genuinely liberal non-Russian Democrats, there seems to be only one tested formula for victory in these districts

That formula is to (1) be the prohibitive frontrunner, and (2) do EVERYTHING you can to win over the community leadership."

Therefore my conclusion stands:

"But if one gives Orthodox Jews and Russians a good reason to support them, and the circumstances are otherwise right, they will do so, though most times, only when it will not make a difference, or when the stars are aligned just right".




Apparently, the new definition of "Redistricting Reform” is to split the Greater Williamsburg Hasidic Community and to split Park Slope




Queens Scoop time (for those who think I know nothing about Queens): Mike Schenkler has sold Multimedia, including the LI Press and Queens Tribune.

Is this connected to Gary Ackerman's retirement?




Two Councilmembers didn't sign the letter to Boehner on Sandy relief.

For Dan Halloran, this was a matter of his principles, such as they are. Voters in his coastal district should take the next possible opportunity to throw him off the Fiscal Cliff (maybe he'd pull out his broomstick and fly away).

As to Charles Barron, he probably looked at the vote totals he got for Congress in the evacuated areas and decided he was for the storm





Diane J. Savino: finally, i, am in total agreement with Pete King on something!

Gate: You both like Dean Skelos, too

Diane J. Savino i used to like you, gate,;)

GATE: No accounting for taste.




Not fer nuthin, but I don't remember any crying about pork after the crackers had their storm.

Woody Allen called it all back in 77:

ALVY: Right, right, so g-get back to what we were discussing, the failure of the country to get behind New York City is-is anti-Semitism....- I'm not discussing politics or economics. This is foreskin.

ROB: No, no, no, Max, that's a very convenient out. Every time some group disagrees with you it's because of anti-Semitism.

ALVY: Don't you see? The rest of the country looks upon New York like we're-we're left-wing Communist, Jewish, homosexual, pornographers.
I think of us that way, sometimes, and I-I live here.




A Guide to the Republicans too crazy to vote for Boehner (as opposed to the couple of hundred just crazy enough to do so).




Cliff Notes on the cliff vote.




Georgia rightwing Congressman advocates Ninotchka-ing his Party: “Fewer and Better Republicans.”

I agree with at least half of that.




Interesting list of Congressional firsts.

Query (pardon the unintentional pun), but isn't "openly bisexual" sort of redundant?




Wow, one propaganda network owned by Arabs, and another propaganda network owned by Australians.

I know manufacturing is cheaper abroad, but it is a sad day when Americans cannot produce our own bullshit.




Today, Emily Bazelon says: "The First Amendment Versus the Second Amendment."

I said the same thing on 12/29.




Sully leaving home to strike out on his own.

Do we know anyone else who should follow this example?




I used to love him, but it's almost all over now

Soul great Bobby Womack has been diagnosed with signs of early Alzheimer’s. He’s released the following statement:

"Thanks to all of my fans for their prayers and well wishes. I truly appreciate and can feel your love. With the support of many good doctors, my family, and all of my wonderful fans, I will continue to write and perform and bring the good music to the people for as long as I can."
– With much love, Bobby Womack.




Dybbuk (watching TV): Christian Mingle? Oy vey!

Gate: Don’t Make fun; your parents met on JDate.

Dybbuk: JDate? Jesus Christ!