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The Gateway (Got Myself A Gun And A Lovelight Edition)

Apologies for the staleness of some of the items. If it gets any worse, not even C-Town will stock them.  

The Gateway (Spring Cleaning Edition)

I’ve been otherwise occupied, and it’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve cleaned out my Facebook posts---not that there are many of them. FWIW, I’m doing it for posterity, since many have probably gone stale.

Infernal Revenooers

Dateline: Hyde Park, NY 

You gotta hand it to Dubya’s eye for talent.


Andrea Peyser Does The Impossible (She Insults The Intelligence Of The Post's Readers)

After reading Andrea Peyser’s latest falafel-bash disguised as a screed against “political correctness,” I was tempted to joke that she may be the most successful developmentally disabled person in the State of New York.

The Gateway (Zappa & Slick Edition)

Some weeks make me think of the Beatles; others the Clash. This week, it’s The Mothers of Invention:

The Gateway (Presumption of Ignorance Edition)

Frank Bruni: "Had a Southern governor named Marcia Sanford been entangled with a Latin lover when reputedly hiking the Appalachian Trail, would she today be her part

The Gateway (Post Card From a Mental Health Break Edition)

So, here’s the story. I’m no longer getting up every morning looking for a couple of items (I set six as a minimum awhile ago) for filler for the Gateway, so the real items don’t go stale before I get a piece up, and I’m no longer looking to have an on the record remark about every little thing.

The Gateway (Dialing It Down Edition)

It sometimes seems as if Mike Bloomberg is actually a conspiracy, put on earth as proof that the preposterous right wing fantasies about liberals wanting to create a mommy-state, which impairs all our personal freedoms, are really true.

From Bristol to Brooklyn Heights

I really did not intend for the Levin/Pierson Council race to become a cause célèbre in this department.

The Gateway (Kangaroo Court Edition)

Because even a stopped clock is right twice a day, Andrea Peyser's whine about left opposition to Quinn is not without an occasional salient point,  but to assert as Peyser does that "Quinn...once enjoyed the uniform support of the city’s vast left-wing cabal," is to indulge in Bizarro-world delusional revisionism.

The Gateway (Background Checkmate Edition)

Don't believe the hype. If every Democrat voted for cloture on background checks, it still would have failed.

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