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The Gateway (Ich Bin Ein Bostoner Edition)

Today, even in New York, we are all Red Sox.


The Gateway (Meat Free Weiner Edition) [Now Retitled "The Oops Edition"]

Really folks, is Weiner's political fantasy life really anymore deluded that Malcolm Smith's?

The Gateway (Travis Bickle Edition) [Bonus Fidler Dishes Section Now Added]

Isn't the Mayor's job powerful enough without giving a Mayoral Agency the power to appoint a watchdog to keep the Council in line?

Weiner: Stop Him Before He Shoots

Back in 2009, in the aftermath of Bill Thompson’s shocking near victory for Mayor, I pretty much made the case for Anthony Weiner:

The Gateway (Weiner Rises to the Occasion Edition)

Weiner on a potential Mayoral race: “We are ready to clear the decks on this thing.”

The Gateway (Drinking Klein Wine in the Lavatory Edition)

Lavatories of Democracy Department: States outlaw Upton Sinclair.

No Thonx

Only couple of days ago I said But, lately NYC politics appears headed largely to discussions better handled by a crime reporter.”


As Bob Dylan once noted, birds aren’t really free from the chains of their skyway, and I certainly am not free of mine.

The Gateway (Vito Quinn [or Veto Quinn?] Edition)

The sick leave bill is win/win for everyone.

Labor and the WFP get to claim a victory, while the business establishment gets a bill they can live with, unlikely under its terms to cause much harm to the city's economy or many individual businesses. Quinn gets credit from all sides and some people actually get some sick days.

Charles Van Squadron

Why is anyone shocked that Dannyboy “Stick the Shiva in Her Back” Squadron is now

The Gateway (Tragic and Ironic Edition)

Ten year old Dybbuk told me he thinks that there will be a Civil War over gun control. I had to explain to him that the other side had all the weapons.

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