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The Gateway (Papal Bull Edition)

Wow, this Pope thing may end up being an even bigger story than Lena's Dunham's voting record.

Grown-Up Brooklyn's Adventures in the Kingdom of Mumblecore

I don’t want to bury the lede, so the answer to the question concerning whether I believe Lena Dunham’s explanation that she actually voted in the 2012 by casting an affidavit ballot from Manhattan is:

The Gateway (Standing On the Verge of Going Viral Edition)

In a quick glance, I found some things to quibble with in the Redistricting Commission's Memo, and I’ll bet that, here and there lies a real whopper, but overall, I have to agree with Citizen's Union:

Exclusive: Lena Dunham--Born Again Political Virgin

LENA DUNHAM (in a video supporting President Obama’s re-election): Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy.

The Gateway (Everything's Coming Up Moses Edition)

I always thought Catsimatidis was a buffoon, but I never thought he was a fool.

The Gateway (Sydenhamming It Up Edition)

Barrett, arguably the harshest critic while Koch was happening, gives both the man and the truth its due.

The Gateway (How He Did Edition)

Though I've almost never said anything nice about the man, it is hard not to feel a bit of NYC itself has died, and without it, a piece of our very souls.

The Gateway (Gomer Pyle Meets Warren Wilhelm Edition)

DeBlasio: Did they know Staten Island is part of the “most Italian-American congressional district by population percentage in the United States of America?

The Gateway (Look At that Ass Edition)

That pig Vito is at it again--did you hear about him publicly drooling over women's asses and telling female candidates he supports how to dress more sexily?

The Gateway (Manny Gold & Sludgie The Dolphin Memorial Edition)

Back in 2011, before I came to my senses and realized (when no one else did) that the Democrats had to run a real campaign to hold the Weiner seat, and the only concern was how to deal with a seat almost certain to disappear after reapportionment, I had a

Hack Attack: Hacktivist Hackers Hack A Hack

In the wake of Aaron Swartz, it appears to be time for a national conversation about permissible web behavior, if only because some people seem oblivious of subtle distinctions.

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