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The Gateway (Yesh And Nu Edition)

With so much nonsense written about the Israeli elections, these seem two of the best analyses, and they call to mind Goldberg's line about Yesh Atid: "...such a Jewish name."'There is a Future.' Optimistic, but threaded with melancholy."

The Gateway (Post-Inaugural Edition)

If you focus too much on the mostly symbolic (and highly appropriate) recognition of groups too long marginalized, you miss the main point.  


The Gateway (Jimmy Witherspoon Anecdote Edition)

I know it's supposed to be night music, but it just seems like a Doc Pomus morning.

The Gateway (Albany Deliberate Process Edition)

I'm not sure each and every provision of the new gun law is necessary (NYS already has really high mandatory penalties for committing a crime while in possession of a firearm), a I’m also not sure whether every provision meets constitutional muster (though there are no obvious atrocities like sing

The Gateway (Bay Ridge Dining Edition)

Not only is Walmart selling assault weapons, but they're selling assault weapons made in China with non-union slave labor!

Poetic Justice Department: World Class Piece of Shit Dies And No One Notices

I once noted that it was perhaps unfair some folks are judged by a single moment in their long lives. In that vein, I went onto predict that when Rabbi Abraham Hecht died, his Times obit would say "called for Rabin's Assassination."

The Gateway (Doc Pomus Edition)

Andrew gives a good speech while his father gave great ones.

However, Andrew is more successful in passing his agenda, while Mario mostly talked about it.

Der Katz Who Came For Chanukah

I finished this story on 12/27/12 (and, except for the Postscript, it should be read as if it was posted on that date). Unfortunately, the story was originally illustrated with photos, and no one, including the owners of this site, seems to be able to post them in their proper place in the story (or at all).

The Gateway ("You Call That Pathetic Thing A Boehner?" Edition)

Can anyone explain to me why the man who managed Andrew Gounardes' State senate campaign against Marty Golden is now working for a Mayoral candidate who helped Golden get elected to the Senate in the first place?

Election Wrap-Up Ends And The New Year Begins

Unless Ben, Gur or EnWhySeaWonk answer my pleas to post my holiday story about my family “temporarily” adopting a cat left homeless by Sandy (which I can’t manage to post, because it contains photos), and barring any late breaking news that cannot be ignored, this will be my last post of the year. This will also be

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