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A Little Rachmonis For The Board Of Elections

On December 28, the NYC Board of Elections finally certified and published the returns for the election held on November 6th, only 27 days after its legal deadline to do so.

The Gateway (Obituary Hit Parade Edition)

I was having such a good time at Lori Knipel's holiday party, to which virtually every candidate for City wide office had made a pilgrimage (I'd seen three mayoral candidate by the time I left, and there was still more than an hour to go), but, against my better judgment, I left to make the trek to Italian Williamsburg's

The Gateway (Courtly Gentlemen of the Old School Edition)

Between cultural events and parties, both of which are noted herein, my posts have been circling over the blogport all week, waiting for clearance to land.

The Obligatory Coup Piece

I really was trying to take a respite this week and just attend parties, figuring that I’d round up my Facebook posts in one weekend Gateway piece.

The Gateway (Billyburg Bubbe Meitzeh Edition)

Whatever Dave Seifman’s flaws, he knows the City Hall beat.

But Seifman doesn’t know bupkes about the Satmar.

Second Amendment Remedies

The tragedy in Connecticut may very well signal a chance for a political sea change on gun control, which only ever happens in the aftermath of tragedy.

The assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King set the stage for the first meaningful gun control in 1968. The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan led us to the Brady Law.

The Great McCray Debate

The other day a prominent NYC columnist caused a fire storm with her column implying something nefarious about the DeBlasio family’s love life:

The Gateway (Among the Democrats Edition)

Cuomo: This is an internal Democratic dispute. Jeff Klein is a Democrat, Sampson is a Democrat, Gianaris is a Democrat...This is among Democrats This is not really about Republicans.

The Gateway (Dinesh Costanza Edition)

What a waste--New York gets some worthless position on a second rate committee when we could have had Chelsea Clinton in Congress (an idea I shot down

The Gateway (Beware of the All-Stars Project Edition)

Warning: The Fulani/Nappie "All Stars Project" is now raising money for their

The Gateway (Surf and Turf Edition)

Skelos says the Senate Bargain and Sale Deed is a model for the nation.

Let's see, small rump factions holding out support in exchange for favors.

The Gateway (Academy of the Overrated Usual Suspects Edition)

I'm sorry, but if the Chair of the State Democratic Party (who seems to harbor the delusion that the State Democratic Party means the Governor) can't bring herself to support the choice of the Democratic Party’s Conference for the leadership of the State Senate, she should resign.

Night Of The Iguana

COLIN CAMPBELL: I love you. You love me. We're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.

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