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Of Harry & Tonto, Mickey & Sylvia, Leiber & Stoller and Social Secuity and Medicare

Aging and dying have often become so inextricably linked in our minds that we tend to forget that they are actually opposing alternatives.

The Gateway (Guten Himmelfarb Edition)

A friend writes to note that Jeff Klein is wrong when he implies

The Gateway (Mezvinsky-Schlossberg Edition)

Nocera presents his fantasy cabinet, so why not me?

The Spectacular Emptiness of Jeff Klein

I hesitate to spend any more time talking about the State Senate reorganization until I’m sure there is actually a contest.  

The Gateway (Thankful 2012 Edition)

This year, I am thankful for Domestic Partner, Dybbuk, Cerberus, the Triumph of Sanity in America, the fact that there is a place called Israel and the fact that I’m not living there.  


The Gateway (Gaza Strip Tease & Denial Edition)

I was not going to mourn the end of Hostess, but then I remembered the ecstasy of touring the Wonder Bread Factory in Paterson, NJ, when I attended the Barnert Temple Nursery School in 1962-63. Life never smelled as good as that factory, and at the end they gave us each a freshly baked mini-loaf.

Disenrolling Felder?

LEW FIDLER: Yesterday, I expressed my disappointment in my friend and former colleague Simcha Felder’s decision to caucus with Republicans and asked for an explanation. Through a spokesman, Simcha issued a statement which on its face lacks any substantive credibility.

The Gateway (Fresh And Direct Edition)

Seddio lashes out at Felder.

Does anyone recall Vito Lopez ever saying on solitary syllable in criticism of the Amigos? Suspicions at the time were that he was actually advising them.  

The Gateway (Resting Comfotably Edition)

When the election adrenalin wore off, I collapsed in exhaustion.

The Gateway (Hurricaine Sandy Koufax Edition)

Not for nothing, but while the President's 69% share of the Jewish vote in the exit polling may look pretty overwhelming, this represent a whopping 9% drop from the 2008 exit polling which had him at 78% (later analysis had him at 74%, but it is best to compare apples to apples, and these apples have slightly less honey on them).

If the President had suffered a 9% drop among all white voters, it would have been a Romney landslide.

The Gateway (Jaded Blogger Buys Jazz Edition)

In the September primary, where there was actually a race my vote could affect, I arrived at the polls at 1:30 PM and was the first vote in my tiny one square block ED. The polling place was otherwise empty.  

The Gateway (Rationing The Vote Edition)

Today I addressed Dybbuk's 4th grade class about the election, emphasizing that Romney would end health care for at least 30 million people.

The first question came from a little girl who asked why we couldn't have single payer.

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