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The Gateway (Jaded Blogger Buys Jazz Edition)

In the September primary, where there was actually a race my vote could affect, I arrived at the polls at 1:30 PM and was the first vote in my tiny one square block ED. The polling place was otherwise empty.  

The Gateway (Rationing The Vote Edition)

Today I addressed Dybbuk's 4th grade class about the election, emphasizing that Romney would end health care for at least 30 million people.

The first question came from a little girl who asked why we couldn't have single payer.

The Lesser Of The Weasels

Domestic Partner looked over at the two shaggy creatures on the couch.

Both were overweight, gray haired, bearded and had a gloomy countenance. The little one proceeded to slap the big one across the face. The big one did not respond.

The Gateway (Smartest Felon In America Edition)

On Wednesday, I was forced to go to a funeral and haven't encountered traffic that bad in Brooklyn since the rescheduled 2001 primary day.  But in the last two days the streets have been deserted.

Don't say the tank is half empty; say the tank is half full.

The Gateway (Hounding Mitt Edition)

The case against holding the Marathon: we're gonna give water to runners when we can't give it Coney Island?

The Gateway (Baruch Dayan Haemet.Edition)

It is undeniable, so stop denying it. A vote for Romney is a vote to overturn Roe.  To believe otherwise, one would need to be developmentally disabled, delusional, or Andrea Peyser.

The Gateway (Live On The Scene From The Cutting Edge Of The Earth Edition)

When we moved to our block near the Left Bank of the Gowanus, we joined with the local Italian-Americans in correcting people who called our block part of Gowanus, by informing them we lived in Carroll Gardens.  

The Gateway (NYS Senate Clown Car Edition)

In the age of wifi, a power failure may not stop you from reading this, but power or not, Room 8’s quirks probably will.       




In the NYS Senate, Bi-Partisanship = Corruption

The Sienna Poll says that a majority of voters want to see the Democrats take control of the State Senate, something they never managed to do even when they had the Majority.

The Gateway (Drano, Piss & Stale Ginger Ale Edition)

Of course Hikind loves Cuomo--the Governor will never criticize Dov for endorsing Republicans.

The Gateway (Thanx Jon Edition)

Michael Grimm: The New York Times would have endorsed a Democrat ham sandwich; in this instance they would have had more credibility by doing so.

Undoubtedly true, but the ham sandwich declined to run, so they were stuck.

The Gateway (Blogging From Behind And Apologizing To No One Edition)

Mostly, on foreign policy these guys agreed, especially on the key issue:  

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