Mayor Bloomberg gassing geese to save face

 Mayor Bloomberg, who has no consideration for other specie much less his own (unless the person is wealthy or a developer or the entity a corporation), just wants to bury his stealing of a third term so it looks like he's doing something.

Anything this man does is to benefit himself in some way. Schools are failing, buildings collapsing,World Trade Centers not built, whatever they are doing around swine flu isn't working, senior centers are closing and there are more and more homeless, and, under his watch, the economy, job market and Wall streets stumbled, he has to look proactive in "some way"- even if it's the entirely wrong way.  Just as Bloomberg outzones us peasants he now kills geese for no reason. Bloomberg is a vile little man.  His ego is killing this city.

The gassing of flightless geese is not only a waste of taxpayers money, but a sick,inhumane plan to fool the residents of New York into thinking that the city is doing something to help protect it's airports. Based on the genetic samples found, the Smithsonian team was able to definitely say the "culprits" in the Sullenberger downing were migrating geese and not the local geese scapegoated, rounded and gassed currently. 

Bloomberg's office releases dubious unconfirmed independently statistics of his "successes" and everyone else pretends to see them.  It is time for someone to open their eyes and look beyond the numbers and shout "he hasn't got any clothes on!" 

Video of protest at Bloomberg's Upper East Side Residence. Listen to chants "No Justice NO Peace", "Gassing Geese to Save Face, What a disgrace", etc.