Congressman Owens Harangues Rep Murtha Over Brooklyn Visit

On WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show this morning, Rep John Murtha confirmed his endorsement of Council Member Yvette Clarke for Brooklyn's 11th Congressional District, and withstood a surprise attack [via phone] from his colleague, Rep Major Owens.

Owens took issue with Murtha's unannounced visit to his district - calling it a "breach in protocol" - and questioned whether Murtha's co-conspirator Rep Anthony Weiner even held a similar position [to Murtha, Clarke and Chris Owens] on the Iraq War.

Murtha defended Weiner who had signed on to Murtha's troop redeployment resolution.

Update: Weiner's office further clarifies the point:

"Jack Murtha is right. Our troops have become targets and occupiers rather than peacekeepers and nation builders. We honor them by redeploying them and taking them out of the middle of an escalating civil conflict. The primary burden for getting Iraq on its feet now lies with the Iraqi's. That's why on day one I was a cosponsor of Rep. Murtha's resolution calling for a change in direction in Iraq."

Audio of the interview now available, here.