Failure Is Apparently An Option

With interns aflank, our pseudonymous self recently conducted a little experiment. And we can now report to you with some authority that tech wizards – New York City Council Members are not.

More than one out of every two of them (55%, to be exact) failed to respond to our constituent email request. And it was a simple request at that.

After informing each of them that our pseudo-self had just moved into their district, said self asked for the easiest way to register to vote.

Three weeks later, clueless self still hadn't heard from 28 of them AT ALL - hence the abundance of F's awarded today.

And of those who did actually respond, Council Member Jimmy Oddo (R – Staten Island) took the cake, setting the gold standard by which we evaluated every other elected official in New York State.

Oddo achieved an A++ because of both the speed and quality of his response. He gave pseudo-self all the information she needed (i.e., web links, addresses and phone numbers) in one fell swoop.

He didn't try to cajole her onto his list in any way. He didn't ask for her mailing address. He didn't ask her to call his office. And unlike so many of his colleagues, he did nothing to leave her with that oh so icky "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" type feeling. He just provided pseudo-self with some good ol' fashioned constituent services.

Perhaps also worth mentioning is that every member of the Council's Technology in Government Committee failed to respond, with the exception of the Chair, Council Member Brewer. She took 16 days to reply, and so was awarded an F+.

(Note to Chris: this might be a good time to rearrange the chairs on your tech deck.)

E-savvy or not? Click here to see how your Council Member ranked.