Governor You

T minus 27 and counting to Day One. A good day, we thought, to make Albany - uhhh - how shall we say it - a bit more interactive...?!?!?!

Towards that end, we've reverse engineered the somewhat hard to find section of Spitzer's transition site where people have been dutifully submitting their ideas for better governance - and have converted it into a much livelier public wire.

So now, beyond the simple show and tell, you can vote up the ideas you love; and down those you hate. We've also opened them all up for comments.

And on your left, we've created a new block: one that displays the latest ideas submitted as well as the most popular of them all.

That said, have at it; scroll through the pages of ideas; vote away; comment; etc... or not.

Note: the system currently allows one vote per ip address; please do not hesitate to email us if you experience any problems (editors (at) r8ny (dot) com).