O Congress Person, Where Art Thou?

Always good to know what your Congress Member is up to.  So thought I'd shed a quick bit of light on who's been doing what...

Here are New York's top five congressional vote missers from January 2005 to the present (umm ... hmmm ... seems like someone has some explaining to do):

Sweeney John 18.43%
Meeks Gregory 9.06%
Towns Edolphus 7.55%
Slaughter Louise 5.59%
Rangel Charles 5.59%

And kudos to New York's top five congressional vote casters... 

Lowey Nita 0.30%
Kuhl John 0.45%
Bishop Timothy 0.60%
Israel Steve 1.21%
Engel Eliot 1.21%

Update: John Sweeney missed 60 out of 555 recorded votes in 2005, and 62 out of 107 votes in 2006. 

(Compliments of Voter Information Services)