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Loser of the Week?

Gatemouth is currently tied with Anthony Weiner in the CHN vote for "Loser of the Week"

Believe It Or Not, Rock Asked Me To Put Up a Place Where You Can Post Comments About His New Piece

I myself will not be posting comments on this thread, but this is exactly the sort of piece which begs for a comments section.

And Rock agrees.

Is Room 8 in Trouble? (Includes My Comments on Rock's Sampson Piece)

I first apologize for using a different handle here, but this Room 8 meta stuff is not what my regular column is supposed to be about, and to make my column about such stuff is to let the terrorists win.  

It was very heartening when Rock reopened his comments section, because discourse is what this site is about.

It was sad that most, but not all the comments posted in response were ad hominem attacks on Rock and sycophantic response to them from Rock’s “fans.”

It would have been better if Rock and his “fans” had just ignored the insults.

The Unfiltered Misogynistic Hate Speech of Rock Hackshaw, as Facilitated by Ben Smith

For your consideration, a small sample of the witty incisive commentary that that Ben Smith protects from being sullied by the frightening prospect of a comments section.

Respond to Rock's Latest Whimpering Cry for Help Here

Is this thing a pathetic cry for help?

Or is it something far more disturbing like a note from the Unabomber?

You doubt me; let me quote the author:

Room 8 Bloopers and Bleepers and Practical Jokes

This article begins my new series of Bloopers, Outtakes and Gaffes which have either been deleted from Room 8, or were too embarrassing even to post here in the first place.

Post Your Comments to Rock's "LGTB Crowd" Piece Here.

This is the piece; the piece.

As provactive as a red flag, don't you think? 

Post Your Comments to Rock's Closing His Comments Post Here

I actually didn’t initially think this was necessary, but rather than disfiguring the place I set up for comments on Rock’s Cuomo-Sampson post

Post Your Comments to Rock's Sampson/Cuomo Piece Here

Yeah, I know you know it’s me, but I have my reasons for posting here.

The last time I got into a pissing match with Hackshaw, he wrote or suborned about 1001 pseudonymous posts calling me a racist, and I felt compelled to answer them on my blog.

As a result my archive started stinking like the Gowanus Canal.

I regard my archive as a precious possession, and want to preserve its value. By contrast, this blog has over time evolved into my B-List dumping ground, and is this a perfect place for crap like this.

Bernie Catcher, Alev Ha-Sholem

Brooklyn Democratic District Leader Bernie Catcher, a brilliant political operative and longtime Brooklyn political fixture passed away today, Friday, August 20th, around 4:00 pm at his home. I am told that it was not something sudden.

The funeral will be at Sherman's Funeral Home, located at 1283 Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn , on Sunday, August 22nd at 10:00 am.

I am hoping that Gatemouth, who is on vacation out of state, will have the time to do an appropriate obit, and those who want to help him should forward their memories to

But meanwhile, all those who lives Bernie touched could do worse than to show up on Sunday so that we can do right by Bernie one last time on Sunday.

Boycott this Boycott

Community Response to AHAVA Boycott‏
From: rabbi@bhsbrooklyn.org
Sent:Thu 7/15/10 5:45 PM

I just today received this compelling, researched and extremely informative letter from my friend and colleague Rabbi Samuel Weintraub of the Kane Street Synagogue in Cobble Hill. It offers a description of the organization behind the boycott protests of AHAVA products at Ricky’s. I am sharing it with you at his request and my endorsement.

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