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Am I Really Running for City Council in 2009? You bet!


Release Date: September 5th, 2007

Subject: “Yes, Haile Rivera Is Running for City Council in 2009”

Haile Rivera, a proud graduate of Hostos Community College (Class of 2003) and a community activist from the Bronx, has announced his intentions of pursue public office in 2009. Haile, after graduating from Hostos with his Associate in Public Administration, decided to continue his education at Lehman College and pursue his Bachelor in Political Science.

At Hostos, Haile served as President of the Dominican Students Association, Founder of Fuerza Latina and was overwhelmingly elected as President of the Hostos Student Government Organization. In the latter position, Haile was a strong advocate for the students and the Teachers as well. Some of his major accomplishments were fighting to make sure the campus cafeteria was opened for evening students, leaving a budget surplus at the end of his term, fighting to keep Spanish courses that were slated to be removed, opposing the student activity fee increase and increasing the Student Government's role on campus.

Tickets available for OBAMA COMES TO BROOKLYN event!

By now, everyone knows about Obama's visit to Brooklyn this Wednesday, August 22nd.

Yes, the event has been sold out! However, I have a few tickets left!

If you want one or more, please send me an email at: hailerivera@gmail.com.

Haile Rivera

The Community Will Ultimately Decide!

Dear Room 8ters.....

I must apologize for not posting this sooner. I'll make sure that if and when we meet, lunch is on me!

Here's the content of an email I sent to my dear friends Azi (Observer), Ben (Politico), Liz (Daily politics) and other friends in the media.

As always, I welcome all your comments, suggestions, etc..... I consider myself a student of life. So bring them on!

Also, some are saying that I announced too early. I respectfully differ. I am sure of where I want to go and have nothing to think about. At the end of the day, it's the people in teh community who elect (or not) me.

2007 Dominican Parade: Mayor Bloomberg & Commissioner Linares!

It was very surprising to see our NY State Comptroller Dinapoli present atv yesterday's Dominican parade and showing his appreciation to the Dominican community.

We must also congratulate Mayor Bloomberg for displaying strong leadership and bold courage. AS you may have read, the parade President Nelson Peña and two other political groups were in odds with Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs, Guillermo Linares. They even had said that if the Commissioner showed up, parade security will remove him. The Mayor stood by his Commissioner and while they did not cut the ribbon, they did march together.

Obama is coming to Brooklyn!

Dear Friends,

In case you have not heard, my good friend, Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama is coming to Brooklyn for a small-donor fundraiser.

Wednesday, August 22nd
Doors open at 5:00pm, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
333 Adams Street
Brooklyn, New York

Tickets are $25 and $15 for students with ID.

Please contact me (Haile Rivera) if you wish to purchase tickets to this important event.

Email: hailerivera@yahoo.com

Hope to see you there!

Haile Rivera

Obama for America does not accept contributions from currently registered federal lobbyists, registered foreign agents,

Until When?

I know that everyone is pressumed innocent until proven guilty, so for his sake, I hope that Councilman Gallagher is innocent.

However, if he turns out to be found guilty, his pension and benefits from being a City Councilman should be removed as well. I am sick of how when we have elected officials who are found guilty of crimes relating to their office, we (taxpayers) continue to cover for their nice pensions.

When will there be a Councilmember with the courage to stand up and bring about real change in City Hall? WHEN?

Haile Rivera
email: haile@hailerivera.com

Video profile by the Obama Campaign!

Hello folks, Here is short a video profile put together by the Obama campaign a few days prior to my dinner with the Senator.

Details of my dinner with Senator Barack Obama in Washington, DC this past Tuesday!

Hi everyone,

As you all know, I had been selected to have dinner with Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Barack Obama.

The dinner took place this past Tuesday at the District ChopHouse & Brewery in Washington, DC.

I have complete details and some pictures in my website: WWW.HAILERIVERA.COM (under News/Prensa section).

Hope all of you are doing great and enjoying your summer.



My Dinner with Barack Obama!

Well, it seems like everyone already knows about my dinner with Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Barack Obama.

I must say that I was very surprised to have been selected. I must say that I donated to Obama's campaign because I believe that he would make for a great President and unlike others, I expressed this same sentiment back in October 2006 post right here in Room 8.

The dinner will take place in Washington, DC on July 10th. The restaurant is TBD.

As you can imagine, this is a very important accomplishment for me because I would have never thought or dreamed of meeting much less sitting down to have dinner with a Presidential Candidate. My family (in the US and back in the Dominican Republic) are very excited and proud of me as well.

Eric Gioia for Public Advocate!

While Eric Gioia has yet to declared which office he will be seeking in 2009, we all suspect he will run for Public Advocate and HE HAS MY FULL SUPPORT.

I think that Eric has proven to be a true leader and after meeting him (briefly) a few weeks ago, I truly believe that New Yorkers will be better off with him as our Public Advocate.

As I have expressed to him, I see a possible Mayoral candidate in 2013 or 2017.

So there you have it folks: I'm fully endorsing Eric Gioia for Public Advocate!

In Solidarity,

Haile Rivera
Bronx Resident
14th Council District

Office of Child Advocate: Is it worth it?

I just finished watching PA Betsy Gotbaum propose an Office of Child Advocate here in NYC to make sure that our children are protected.

I ask: Is this a good idea or is PA Gotbaum just looking for her next office to run (she's also term-limited in 2009)? While some may argue that NYC's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) has some major problems in looking out after our children (including me), creating another office is just a waste of time, resources and money that could be used to a real overhaul of ACS, including better training and additional staff.

As stated in the press release, the proposed Office of Child Advocate will have "permanent oversight of the child welfare system, including ACS and contract agencies." ACS is an office of the Mayor and he/she is the one responsible for making sure that whoever he/she appoints as Commissioner of ACS can do the job of protecting the welfare of our children.

Immigration Reform Not Good For Immigrants

The senate's recent immigration reform proposal is a great start but we need to take a serious look at it. First, i strongly oppose the idea of requiring the head of household to return to his/her native country before applying for permanent residency. How logical is it to ask the one who is putting food and paying the rent to leave his family behind, go away for a timeframe of 8-10 years? Who will support the families? I'm no expert on immigration but it should be common sense that we can not separate families with a comprehensive reform package. Then they must pay a fine of $5000 not including the application fees and other costs associated with obtaining the proper documentation needed. Are we forgetting the reasons why we have people coming to our country, legal or not? They come here due to economic reasons primarily. Oh, we will also ask them to have a job and some education in order to come back. This is insane. The senators should go for a few days in mexico and see what and how poor people live. Obviously, they have no idea what it is to live in beyond-poor in a third world conutry. It is very difficult to obtain employment much less attend school. It's very simple: the resources are not there. This is a good starting point but not the reform needed.

Norman, Gonzalez, Vellela, Parker, Jennings, Green, Davis -- and the list goes on!

The individuals named on the title of this post are familiar to us all. Unfortunately, for no good deed!

Since we all know what were their actions, I will not go into detail.

As former elected officials, all these individuals (corrupt politicians), despite their guilty convictions (except Senator Efrain Gonzalez which has not been proven yet) remain receiving a City or State pension and benefits. This is what I understand and have been unable to confirm if this is true.

If it is, then shame on ALL those elected officials who take pride in being reformers and who advocate for transparency.

My FOIL Request regarding Councilwoman Maria Baez (Bronx)!

Just wanted to post this up in one of my favorite political blogs: Room 8! Will share the details if and when I received them. (Click here or on attachment link below to view)

Transparency in the City Council

Before I went to bed (it's Friday, 2:25AM), I HAD to post this.

I have been advocating - and will continue to do so - for someone in the City Council to propose legislation to make public all member items (how much did my Councilmember received and to who did it go).

The people elected them and have the right to know! What is so complicated about this? Where is the common sense in our so-called leaders? This is a no-brainer.

I would also like to see legislation for the permanet termination of City benefits for convicted Councilmembers. It is my understanding that if a Councilmember is convicted and sentenced to prison, he/she continues to be receive all the benefits as if nothing happened. If this is correct, can someone please tell me what is happening with our leaders in the City Council? Please note that I could be misinformed and would appreciate any clarification on this.

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