NJ Councilman Needs To Resign! -- NOW

Councilman Marc LeVine, from Freehold, New Jersey posted a blog on November 14th, 2006 stating the following:"There is definitely a very promiscuous flavor in — at least — parts of Hispanic culture. All of this is highly problematic in a society in which these people often expect to subsidize their mistakes in growing large families that they cannot afford to support on their own. It does seem to be true, in my own experience, that a little less of this promiscuous behavior is seen among Mexicans, while much more is found among Dominicans, as one example."This guy does not have any idea about the Dominican and/or Mexican cultures and should be more careful in choosing his words to describe other ethnic groups.This type of free speech is racism and straight-forward discrimination. I'm a strong supporter of our Bill of Rights but to me, this is the same as if saying that Americans were all terrorists. This is definitely not permissible or at least , should not be.Personally, I am very offended by these remarks, having being born in the Dominican Republic. I have called upon our Dominican elected officials in the City Council (Martinez & Reyna) and NYS Assembly (Espaillat & Peralta) to take action.Without a doubt, Councilman LeVine is very ignorant of the facts regarding the culture of Dominicans and Mexicans. He definitely needs a course in the history of the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Maybe that may help him..maybe!More to follow....Haile RiveraBronx ResidentHere's more info.