Candidate Steve Kaufman on Obama's Healthcare Message

Stephen Kaufman, candidate for the New York City Council, District 5, announced his position on health care in response to President Obama’s televised address on the subject.

"I support legitimate health care reform. At the same time, I have concerns about how sections of the health reform bill will impact the people of my district, particularly seniors and veterans," said Kaufman, a former US Air Force serviceman. "I believe that all individuals should have access to health care and should be entitled to receive needed medical treatment. I do not, however, want to see any form of health care rationing, or for anyone to feel pressured by doctors or by the government into making drastic end of life decisions."

Kaufman noted that the health care bill is particularly problematic because it will diminish the services that are presently available to seniors including hip replacements, angio services, and preventive procedures. In addition, New York City, which is the nation's largest medical industry employer and specialist training hub will suffer severe budget cutbacks resulting in huge numbers of medical personnel being laid off or seeing their jobs simply vanish.

"As it stands now, the present health care reform bill does not adequately provide respect and protection for human life, especially the vulnerable elderly, disabled, and veterans. We are a nation of caring, compassionate people, committed to life and liberty. Certainly, we can do much better for those who are most in need of health care," said Kaufman.

Steve Kaufman is running on the Republican and Independence Party lines and is endorsed by the Conservative Party. Steve’s district covers most of the east side of Manhattan from 49th to 92nd street.

Kaufman recently attended a hearing on health care reform sponsored by State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz on Tuesday, September 8th in lower Manhattan. Kaufman vowed to fight for legitimate health care reform and for a health care policy that includes a greater respect for human values. He will be discussing these concerns with seniors and veterans groups in his district in the coming weeks.