Congressional Elections - Good for the Jews (and the Buddhists)

While there was some talk in the media about the election of the first Muslim to Congress - Keith Ellison of Minnesota, nobody has talked about the aspect of religion and the new Congress in the way we New Yorkers are interested.

That is – how many additional Jews were elected?

I have the answer.

According to Congressional Quarterly, the new Congress will have 6 new Jewish Representatives and 2 new Jewish Senators.

The new Congressmembers, all Democrats are;

Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona

John Yarmuth, Kentucky

Ron Klein, Florida

Paul Hodes, New Hampshire,

Steven Cohen, Tennessee

Steven Kagen, Wisconsin

And the new Senators are 2 present Congressmen –

Ben Cardin, Maryland

Bernie Sanders, Vermont Since

I do not believe any Jewish members retired, so that makes a net gain of 4. Of course, percentage wise that’s not as impressive an increase as the Muslims did with Ellison but they trail the Buddhists, who really entered the mainstream.

The new Congress has gone from 0 to 2 Buddhists, also Democrats:

Mazie Hirono, Hawaii

Hank Johnson, Georgia

That’s right, the guy who beat Cynthia McKinney in Atlanta is an African-American Buddhist!

What a country!