No Recounts in NY

The day after a Primary always have a few losing candidates, their supporters and gullible reporters talking about "demanding a recount".

Let's make it clear. There are no recounts in New York because there hasn't been an official count yet.

The results that are out there now are unofficial. They are called in by election inspectors after the polls closed Tuesday night. Numbers are not double checked and mistakes are always made. No absentee, affadavit or emergency ballots have been counted yet.

In the next week or two, the Board of Elections will conduct the official count by recording the numbers off the machines and counting the paper ballots.

Nobody has to demand this. It is always done this way. It will be done for the close Civil Court court contest in Lower Manhattan where the unofficial count has a 49 vote margin and will be done for the not close at all Spitzer-Suozzi race.