Off To The Races

Now that we are two weeks into the petitioning process, we have a pretty good idea of who is running for what in the upcoming NYC Primaries for public office.

What follows is an incomplete list, based on sightings of petitions being circulated.

I’m sure I’m leaving candidates out who may even be serious contenders. I welcome any additions, subtractions, corrections or biographical information about candidates.


Besides the already well know cast of characters running in the Major Owens & Ed Towns districts, the only other Primary for Congress that I’m aware of is against Eliot Engel. Jessica Flagg, who challenged Eliot 2 years ago on anti-war platform is running again and has aligned herself with Jonathan Tasini, Hillary Clinton’s opponent.

State Senate

Senator Ada Smith looks to have 3 opponents – Elizabeth Goldsmith, former School Board member Shirley Huntley & former Council Allen Jennings (running as a Democrat despite some earlier talk).

Senator John Sabini is facing City Councilman Hiram Monserrate.

Senator Kevin Parker is being challenged again by former Councilman Noach Dear.

There are 4 candidates for the seat being vacated by Carl Andrews – former Police officer Eric Adams and former candidates Anthony Alexis, Elizabeth King & Guillermo Philpotts.

Senator Marty Connor is being challenged by former candidate Ken Diamondstone.

The vacant seat being left by David Paterson has 3 candidates – former Councilman Bill Perkins & former candidates Ruben Vargas & Eugene Daniels III.

Bronx-Westchester Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson is opposed by Crystal Wade.

In of the few Republican Primaries of note, Councilman Andrew Lanza and former County Leader Robert Heblock are running for the nomination to replace John Marchi.

Two non-Primary items of note concern Democratic opponents to Queens Republican Senators. Attorney Norma Marino is running against Frank Padavan and former Council candidate Albert Baldeo is opposing Serph Maltese.


2 of the 3 Assembly members selected in Special Elections this year have Primary opponents.

Sylvia Friedman, who replaced Steve Sanders is opposed by 2005 Council candidate Brian Kavanagh, Esther Yang & Juan Pagan

Alan Maisel, who replaced Frank Seddio is opposed by Abraham Levy & Harvey Clarke.

The other freshman Assemblyman Karim Camara is opposed by Jesse Hamilton & Saquan Jones.

Assemblywoman Adele Cohen is not running again. Candidates for her seat are former candidates Alec Brooks-Krasny, Cole Etman & Marty Levine, and Ari Kagan.  

Brooklyn Assemblywoman Diane Gordon is being challenged by Winchester Key.

Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland is opposed by former Council candidate Royston Antoine.

Brooklyn Assemblywoman Annette Robinson is opposed by former candidate Richard Taylor.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Nick Perry seems to have 2 opponents – former candidates Wellington Sharpe & Elias Weir.

The 60th AD, which in Brooklyn & Staten Island has both a Democratic & Republican Primary. It is being vacated by Republican Matt Mirones. The Republicans are Mirones aide Anthony Xanthakis & former Council candidate Joe Cammarata. The Democrats are 2004 candidate Janele Hyer-Spencer & Angelo Giordano.

Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera is opposed by one of his 2004 opponents, former Community Board Chair Joe Thompson.

Another Bronx Assemblywoman Aurelia Greene is being challenged by Anthony Curry.

Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benjamin is opposed by District Leader Wilbert Lawton, Sigfredo Gonzalez & Gwendolyn Primus.

There are two open Assembly seats in Queens.

In the district being vacated by Jimmy Meng, the candidates are former Assemblywoman and Councilwoman Julia Harrison, District Leader Terence Park, John Liu staffer Ellen Young & Assemblyman Meng’s daughter Grace.

In the one being left by Brian McLaughlin, it looks like there are 2 candidates – District Leader Rory Lancman & former Senate candidate Morshed Alam.

Queens Assemblyman Jose Peralta is opposed by Carmen Enriques, who appears to be running with Monserrate.

Harlem Assemblyman Keith Wright is being challenged Monique Washington.