I'm Tired of the Obama Overload!!

Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama

Is anyone as sick as I am about hearing/reading/discussing Barack Obama almost non-stop for the last 3 days? Hey New York newspaper reporters, get a grip on yourselves. This guy isn't John, Paul, George and Ringo and you shouldn't be acting like screaming teeny-boppers watching them get off the plane. With all the coverage this guy's received over the last week, you'd think he'd discovered the cure for cancer, or can at least walk on water and deliver short, catchy parables.

Can someone please explain to me what Barack Obama has done to merit even being considered a Presidential candidate, other than apparently believe his own hype? Granted, he gave a really good speech at the '04 Democratic convention, but if that, and being an African American that white people don't find threatening, is sufficient to become a candidate, then there is definitely something wrong with this system.

Seriously, let's stop and think rationally for a second. The guy was in the Illinois State Senate 2 YEARS AGO!! Has he seriously developed sufficient foreign and domestic policy qualifications to be the leader of the free world in the first third of his first term as a United States Senator? Hell, Eric Schneiderman is a State Senator, a good public speaker, and a Harvard Law graduate, but are we ready to vote for him as President? How about Mike Gianaris?

That's not to say that the alternatives are looking much better, but at least Hillary waited to be reelected to a second term and actually lived in the White House for 8 years before deciding to run. The worst candidate of them all, George Pataki actually ran a state (although very, very badly) for 12 years. Those two and any of the dozens of other people (McCain, Giuliani, Biden, heck even Kerry) are much more qualified to be called Mr. President than Barack Obama.

"But he's a fresh voice and makes us feel all warm and tingly inside, just like JFK did in the 1960s!" Hey, that's great that he makes you feel good, but the last time this country elected an unexperienced President that made everyone feel good, we got the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, building of the Berlin Wall, and the beginning of Vietnam. Not bad for a 2-year term. To be fair, that President was very handsome and made us all warm and tingly inside (or maybe that was Jackie).

Sarcasm aside, it does no one any good to trivialize the importance of the Presidency by honestly claiming that a political "novice" (Jerry Nadler's words, not mine) like Obama is qualified to be a serious candidate. Everyone should take a step back from the hype machine created by the media and Obama himself and look at the experience and qualifications of the potential candidates before anointing anyone as the next President.

And if hell does actually freeze over and Barack Obama wins the Democratic primary, get ready for a Republican presidency through at least 2012. And by the way, it's actually scary that Andrea Peyser and I agree on anything. I don't know whether that speaks highly of her or lowly of me.