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Pre Order Authentic Jordan 11 Low Concord For Sale Online! Took we remember from MJ’s comeback, Jordan Brand will release Jordan 11 Concord next month and it come in Low Top form. New Jordan XI Low Concord back in 2014, care you wanna cop?

Justice CAN Be Bought - Just Ask Willie Rap!

Justice is supposed to be blind; but apparently, greenbacks can easily pierce the blindfold.

To wit: William Rapfogel, recently convicted of embezzling millions of dollars meant for clients of the Metropolitan Council, has sent out an email to obtain funds in plans to shorten his prison sentence.

Don't believe me?

I always tell you, dear readers - research EVERYTHING.

Of course, in this instance, I'm going to do the legwork for you - but be sure to check the sources linked in the article - from Failed Messiah:

2014 Top Sale Knee Length Prom Dress

When you are invited to a party, try to get a party dress that fits you perfectly as this is the great time to show your beauty.

Foster Care. Great Challenges do make great kids

The issue of Foster Care is real.  All of us have an obligation to do all we can to help. And Foster Care Agencies (Almost all of them) are to be commended for what they do.


Great challenges do make great kids.

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That's a cause for concern among some Asian allies -- including Japan --

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