How Conservatives Murdered God

Well it started over 2,000 years ago during the Roman Empire when conservatives threatened by the teachings of Jesus conspired to kill him by nailing him to a cross.


But it didn’t stop there.  Go to the Byzantine Empire and you find people having their eyes gouged out by conservatives just because they did or didn’t believe Jesus had a beard.  Then conservative popes spent more time politicking and killing one another than teaching peace and in the Middle Ages they tortured and burned so called heretics.


This takes us to modern America where conservatives question the president’s Christianity suggesting that he might even be a Muslim as if there is something wrong with the mostly peaceful one billion adherents of that religion.  They even state that Mormons are not Christians much to the shock of the 14 million Mormons out there.


What conservatives have done over two millennium is to take the joy out of spirituality replacing it with extreme politics and a fanatic’s thirst for power believing that they may be sinning with these actions but that as Christians in their minds they will be forgiven for any evil they have wrought.


Yes in their minds they are free to sin all week but after a Sunday morning in church they are forgiven and first thing Monday morning they are sinning all over again.


This isn’t Christian forgiveness but an abuse of the teachings of Christ and a lot of hooey which goes a long way to explaining how conservatives can question the president’s faith while proclaiming a moral misfit like Newt Gingrich and an inquisition theocrat like Rick Santorum faithful without blinking an eye.  Amen.