The Madness of McCain

Senator John McCain’s repeated attacks on President Obama over the years shows the senator for what he is, a bitter frustrated old man whose legacy as a self proclaimed “maverick” is a thin veneer over a partisan right wing fanatic.


If McCain had his way we would still be fighting the Vietnam War irrespective of how many young Americans were killed.  The loss of one or two million Americans means nothing to a man who would not blink an eye at dropping napalm from a jet fighter burning the skin off innocent Vietnamese children.


Today he wants to wage an eternal war in Afghanistan against 300 Taliban fighting over barren soil and rock impervious to plant growth without care to the cost to America’s fighting heroes or our national treasure.


Now McCain seeks to lynch his rival, President Obama, for actions in Libya another place where this mad white man would fight endless war as he would fight endless wars elsewhere around the world for no other reason than to satisfy his own personal rage.


I think I speak for many people in war weary America and around the world when I ponder the benefit of locking him in a cage and mailing him back to the Viet Cong.