The Serpent and the Rainbow

I have this recurring vision that political cartoonist Thomas Nast is still alive and he portrays the head of Goldman Sachs as a crouching beast with a serpent’s tail, devil horns and a long wet snake tongue.


Why my anger?  Well because of CBS’s Scot Pelley's interview with the Goldman Sachs head and Paul Krugman’s piece in today’s New York Times exposing his plan to go after Social Security I am completely terrified even after the good guys won the election.


Is the Goldman head doing this because he is a right wing goon?  No, he has right wing goons doing his bidding.


My time as a corporate executive provides me with the answer to this question about the guys who gorged on the trillion dollar bailout.  You see it is a case of who spilled the coffee.  The first thing you learn as an executive is that a salesman who is doing poorly right away points his finger at another salesman and says he is doing a bad job I can do it better than him with that sales territory.


Well that is what Goldman and others named in the Krugman piece are up to.  Something must be wrong with their businesses and they want to improve their lot by making Social Security so weak that it must be privatized providing Wall Street with the mother of all golden goose eggs the mother lode of a pot filled with gold at the end of the rainbow.  Americans should not fall for this money grab at their expense.  In the company I worked for we ran a bad salesman out of town and that is what we should do to the head of Goldman Sachs.