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Marriage Equality Day in Albany

February 8th is marriage equality day in Albany where approximately 160 people are expected to converge in order to meet with elected officials.  Marriage equality supporters are being bused in from all over the state as part of an organizing drive led by Marriage Equality New York.

The Prism of Faith

There may very well be one god who however offers different interpretations of his/her existence through a diverse array of religions reflecting the characteristics of their respective people.  So a Britain sees a Protestant god, the Spanish a Catholic one, an Israelite a Jewish god, an Egyptian a Muslim one and a Native American sees their own spiritual array of beliefs so on and so forth through Hinduism and Buddhism and other religions.

Lamenting Arizona

I remember a different Arizona than the one we are seeing today with its expansion of gun rights, anti immigrant reactions, closing of ethnic study programs and its super charged political rhetoric.

Let Me Tell YOu Something About Blood Libel Ms. Palin

Ms. Palin and her enablers have invoked an archaic term, “Blood Libel,” to attack those who criticize her use of vitriol in the nation’s political debate accusing many of us in a way of being anti-Semites.  Well let me tell you something about Blood Libel Ms.

The Congresswoman Giffords Tragedy

I am a Democrat living in a Republican neighborhood.  No matter how hot the political debate gets I would never consider harming any of my neighbors nor would they harm me.

Middle East Union Middle East Peace

The European Union makes for an excellent model for world unity, peace and prosperity not because the EU is better or stronger than the United States but because the union was able to bring together so many historic enemies for the good of all.

Corporate Communism

Night after night drinking at the trade show hotels bragging to your business colleagues the next morning how drunk you were the night before regardless to the amazing culture there may have been ignored around you.  It was a vacuum in space living not on your own dime but on the corporate expense account.

Africa the Next European Union

Mikhail Gorbachev speaking in the New York Times says that a nuclear test ban treaty must be concluded because it is “a step toward creating a truly global community of nations in which all share the responsibility for humankind’s future.”

The Rise of Ga Ga

The era of George W. Bush, by now a distant memory, still has historical significance as the age of mediocrity.  Nowhere is this symbolized more than in the Bush Administration whose ineptitude ranged from the War in Iraq to the response to Katrina where an American city was allowed to die.

The Library

I remember in grammar school being chased every day by bullies.  But twice a week after school  I found refuge in the Hicksville Public Library Bookmobile which was parked in front of the school after classes.  The bullies never entered this domain sort of like the sanctuary offered in some cases by churches.

The Advent of Corporate Democracy

A recent report in the New York Times stated that it appears that the United States Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Roberts is under the sway of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce when it comes to business interests.  One court supporter went so far as to say it was a response against business regulation through litigation.

The New Congressional Reality

Some Democrats in Congress are denying the reality of the past election.  They are angry over the Democrats loss of the House to Republicans and are letting their anger rule over reason by attacking President Obama for making a tax deal with Republicans in nothing less than Clintonesque fashion.

The Authoritarians Among Us

Some Americans like to think that they are better than others that all other countries are inferior to their nation in all respects.  This type of self proclaimed patriot is found throughout the world in most countries.  Orhan Pamuk writes of certain “ideologues of the Turkish state who expressed their nationalism in unlovely and unadorned authoritarian rhetoric…”

My Shame


I have been reading Paul Theroux’s book Ghost Train To The Eastern Star in which he follows in the path he had taken earlier in his books The Great Railway Bazaar.  I found the book interesting making me proud to be an American and a person who finds joy in the international community.  Until that is he arrives in Southeast Asia and we learn of America’s role in the Cambodian genocide and then the Vietnam War where we had killed two million civ

Defusing the Koreas Time Bomb

The latest flare up between North and South Korea has led the New York Times to say that the reason China props up the North is that it does not want an American ally, the South, on its border.  In light of this and South Korea’s poor treatment of President Obama during his recent visit there indicating that South Korea is feeling its oats perhaps it is time to evaluate a new strategy for the peninsula. 

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