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A British museum two Chinese relics value stolen nearly 2 million pounds

Stolen cultural relics are a jade bowl and a porcelain, they are all Chinese qing dynasty art, in 5,christian louboutin on sale stolen late at night. Local police have arrested two men and a woman, but the two missing cultural relics hasn't been found.Police say the suspects may have the cultural relics sold to foreign collectors.

Chavez lengthen life is pray god means "a numbered"

Venezuelan President Hugo chavez and political career recently become the focus of attention of the outside world.Chris Louboutin Chavez ask a way: Lord, please give me your crown of thorns, and I will bleed.

The White House web site opened public help city funds to accept taxpayer supervision

Someone said: "there are only two things is inevitable, tax and death."April every year the tax season, is also subject to the taxpayer and the heat of the beats by dreOnce a taxpayer plane from us tax building, the U.S.

Iran's "mind" lead Turkey discontent

Last January, Iran and Iraq six-party talks in Istanbul, Turkey.Because uranium enrichment activities is the main issues can't resolve differences,christian louboutin pumps dialogue that no material achievements.Then, dialogue mechanism interrupt.

Malawi President was preached for heart attack and died

The malawian government announced late 6,, no matter the current President Penn Malawi 路 sulley muntari pronounced what can't ruling or death,Christian louboutin discount vice President Joyce 路 banda, does not have designated or the position of President qualification. Mr Says, made the decision is the reason of the ruling class from the new set of the party's behavior does not accord with relevant provisions of the constitution.

Sarkozy for winning no longer eat cheese Carla Bruni complain that the media biased

The French presidential chef Bernard-WoXiong said,Beats by dre shop fitness lunatic sarkozy choose not to see this kind of distress to Charles DE gaulle food. Because the French don't support the war in 2003, irritated the republicans had called them "eat cheese the ringleader of the monkey".However, Mr Sarkozy's chef explained, Mr Sarkozy has decided to eat no longer after eating this completely high fat food.

Japan's 2012 annual budget by the parliament

The Japanese government 5,christian louboutin peep toe 2012 annual budget by afternoon, including general accounting items and the east Japan earthquake reconstruction funds and special accounting in the project, the actual total financial expenditure of more than 96 trillion yen (1 RMB $13 yen), surpassing the historical record.

Colombia 10 years old in the world's most baby girl into a young mother

South American country Colombia a 10 year old girl recently by caesarean section,monster beats on sale gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and the girl and so as the world's most one of the young mother.This triggered social shocked, many people accused the country's lack of protection for young girls.

Its working class 4134 yuan a month less than the world average income in half

International Labour organisation to over 72 countries and regions on the per capita income latest statistics.Christian Louboutin shoesThese countries and area per capita income is $1480, 9327 yuan.Among them, the Chinese people for the average monthly wage of $656, 4134 yuan, the survey in 72 countries and regions of the 57 th.

Beautiful campus shooting suspect was twice fired is withdrawn hate women

Familiar with the teacher LuoMi John wu pill Della th mann (Romie John Delariman) revealed,Beats by dre shop wu pill student was very active, but because he felt that he is the oldest person in the class, the other students are mostly young girls, and gradually become love suspicion, character paranoid.The incident killed 6 out of 7 are women. Della, mann said: "he has said he is too old, all students on him,Beats by dre shop he won't be mean with girl get along.

Australian prime minister gillard rather grim

Australian prime minister Julia gillard 路 himself with Obama,christian louboutin peep toe however, important reason is that she and Obama are seeking re-election.But for now, Obama re-elected by the outside world outlook, in view of the low approval ratings gillard along the way.

15 years old young imitate plot to kill her mother from TV addiction violence

In Britain the gruesome murder of violence from addiction young bart rumsfeld, deliberate killing mother began to imitate the famous British last year Easter television series "the Coronation Street" plot to kill the sleeping mother,C Louboutin then remove sleep next to the mother's brother, and set fire to the mother's body.Christian Louboutin shoes 15 years old, the bart rumsfeld, in the computer to collect a lot of films and TV series of violent clips, and many vio

The United States was a tornado hit southern metropolis hail 68 aircraft damage

Two destructive powerful tornadoes, local time is 3 days afternoon south across the United States in Dallas, Texas and at fort leavenworth urban areas,Beats by dre shop a tornado center of office will truck roll into the air, tear up the houses roof, make the tractor trailers and heavy scattered to the highway and parking lot, the official report no beats by dre According to the national weather service reports, at least two independent, extremely dangerous large tornadoes are affec

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan and cadres in his resignation

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan's agent,christian louboutin shoes miles, such as name and suzuki chang submitted his resignation to the party cadres to protest by the Japanese government to raise consumption tax legislation.

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