City Council doing away with property rights?

Ms. Alvarado said Ms. Quinn believes it is "absolutely unacceptable" for Wal-Mart to build a store anywhere in the five boroughs without consulting with the City Council first, even it is not legally required to do so.

[In today's New York Sun] 

East Side Democrats Statewide Candidates' Forum

May 7 2006 - 4:30pm
May 7 2006 - 8:30pm
Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller Candidates NYU Med Center at 32nd Street, Manhattan Lecture Hall B
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The Appalling Hypocrisy of Black Leaders in NYC.

There are things that happen in this city, that elicit an immediate outcry from black leaders, once they occur. And then there are things that happen, where  these same leaders  stay awfully quiet, when they shouldn't. Last week we saw this play out once again.

On  East 125th Street in Harlem, a young white male was struck by a car, while running to avoid being robbed and beaten by a group of young kids of color. The young man  subsequently died from the injuries he suffered. He happened to be a student of New York University on his way home.

Assemblywoman Markey & Council Member Gioia Break Ground for Revnovation of Windmuller Park

Apr 12 2006 - 11:30am
11:30 a.m. Corner of 52nd Street and 39th Drive, Woodside, Queens. Contact: Jerel Klue, 718-809-1910 or 718-383-9566.
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Choose Best Black Long Sleeves Prom Dress

Buying your perfect black prom dress needs to be treated with extreme caution and it is often best left to those professionals. They especially need to be treated with extreme caution and it is often best left to professionals. A corset-style bodice style of special occasion dress with lacing will highlight your upper body.

Committee on Public Safety Hearing on NYPD Use of Surveillance Cameras

Apr 11 2006 - 10:00am
Apr 11 2006 - 12:00pm
10 a.m. City Hall, Committee Room. Contact: Mike Murphy, 718-274-4500
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State and city comptrollers join housing advocates and tenants to call on bank to clean its mortgaged building

Mar 23 2006 - 3:30pm
Mar 23 2006 - 4:30pm

State and city comptrollers join housing advocates and tenants to call on bank to clean its mortgaged buildings

569 W. 192nd St.

--Contact: Jonathan Rosen, 646-452-5637 or 917-803-6176.

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Council Member Barron Discusses Right of Return of Displaced New Orleans Residents

Mar 22 2006 - 11:30am
Mar 22 2006 - 12:30pm
11:30 a.m. City Councilman Charles Barron speaks about legislation giving a ``Right of Return'' to displaced New Orleans residents City Hall steps. --Contact: 212-788-6957.
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Surprising Numbers Behind Charlie Rangel's Victory

The Prime New York voter file has now been updated to include data about the voters who came out in the June Congressional Primaries.

c interest surveillance system ​supports

we do not know how the sharing of such network camera information is regulated - and we certainly have no insight into whether the human rights obligations of the Five Eyes countries are being taken into account. Indeed, what we do know raises concern that the agencies are playing a game of jurisdictional arbitrage, seeking to exploit differing standards in national legislation.

regarding network camera communications

Post updated on 14 April to reflect response from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and on 23 April to reflect ip camera response from the Communications Security Establishment Canada.

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