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Despite Two Opponents, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Faces Greatest Campaign Challenge Yet: Himself

Spend a little time around Brooklyn District Attorney Charles “Joe” Hynes and you know he plans to beat retired Manhattan DA Morgenthau’s record as NYC’s longest tenure in a district attorney’s office. “I run in 2013, 2017, and 2021, at which point I will be a little bit older than 90, which breaks Morgenthau’s record,” Hynes told Our Time Press last August. From his days as Special Prosecutor in Howard Beach more than 25 years ago, Charles Hynes has successfully run for election as Brooklyn’s top prosecutor six times.

In Sandy's Aftermath, Parts of Brooklyn Facing Major Health Crises

U.S. Public Health Service Medical Assistance Teams Deployed to Brookdale Hospital

The U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) is deployed at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, serving medical needs in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

NYC Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Decide ACS Mistaken Removal of Wrong Set of Children

The City of NY has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to deny a parent the ability to sue for monetary damages a case worker who falsified information in order to wrongfully remove his children from his home.

Principles Trump Personalities in Brooklyn Democratic County Leader Race

They were branded mavericks and outliers. But in the weeks since Brooklyn Democratic County Leader Vito Lopez imploded, Brooklyn’s trio of ‘reformers’ – District Leaders Chris Owens, Jo Ann Simon, and Lincoln Restler – intensified their call for new ways of doing County business. And they are not alone. Progressive Democrats are speaking up, too. They all say the time has come for transparency, diversity, and decentralization of power.

Is Brooklyn Democratic County Leader Vito Lopez Selecting His Successor?

Yes, I said Brooklyn Democratic County Leader. Contrary to clueless media reports, Lopez has not resigned the position. He has gone on record as saying he is not seeking re-election as County Leader. So, is Lopez orchestrating behind the scenes to make Frank Seddio his successor?

Was Bloomberg Talking About This "Luxury" Homeless Shelter?

When Bloomberg said NYC shelters are a "more pleasurable experience" was he talking about his policy of saving (over)developers from themselves?

NYC Has Homeless "Punishment" Shelters

According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the NYC shelter population is booming because shelters provide "more pleasurable experiences." 

Rodneyse Bichotte Employs ‘Scorched Earth’ Campaign in Bid to Unseat 42nd AD Incumbent

Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs has a formidable opponent after 34 years in elected office. Rodneyse Bichotte is running an aggressive, competent campaign for the seat. Bichotte was first elected to office two years ago when in a bold move she knocked longtime Female District Leader Mary Hobson off the ballot. That tactic in 2010 allowed Bichotte to become the first Haitian American woman to get elected to any position in the city of NY and the first Caribbean district leader in the 42nd assembly.

Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs ThisClose to Being Knocked Off the Ballot

This is a case to watch. Rhoda Jacobs is seriously close to losing her ballot status for the September 13 primary. Jacobs, who has represented the 42AD for 32 years, and her entire slate are at risk. Jacobs’ slate includes Mary Hobson – seeking to make a comeback as Female District Leader after being knocked off the ballot two years ago by political firebrand Rodneyse Bichotte – and Jacobs’ entire slate of Delegates to the Judicial Convention and County Committee candidates.

Chris Banks Challenges Incumbent Inez Barron on Jobs, Has No Job Plan of His Own

Chris Banks is challenging incumbent Assemblywoman Inez Barron on her record of jobs and developing relationships that Banks said could help foster improvements in the district. “ENY is facing a high unemployment rate,” said Banks. “My opponent has no plan to bring jobs to our community.” When asked if he has his own jobs plan for the district, Banks responded: “I don’t have a written plan. We are working on something.”

NYS Senate Democrats Target Republican Seats for Majority

With the NYS Senate blocking popular reforms that voters want, Queens State Senator Michael Gianaris, Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), is leading an effort to regain control of the Senate.

Anti-Gun Violence Activism: The Movement Ray Kelly Can't See

Hot weather and gun violence unfortunately is as predictable as the seasons. During the July 4th week of celebration more than 75 individuals have been shot in NYC. In an attempt to justify NYPD stop-and-frisk violations of 4th Amendment rights, Police Commissioner Kelly said, “There doesn’t seem to be any major community response.

Tuesday’s NY-8 Primary: Will Voters Choose the 20th Century, or 21st?

The problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color-line. The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. DuBois

On June 26, residents of the 8th Congressional district have a choice to make: should the district have representation with a single-minded focus on the 20th century’s color line, or does the district deserve 21st century representation that will serve the diversity of all residents regardless of race, gender, religion, disability, and sexual orientation?

Towns’ response to endorsement impact on previous Jewish support: “I don’t think that is an issue.”

Well, this is a colossal embarrassment. Besides the endorsement itself, I mean.

As Rep. Ed Towns was leaving the presser in which he endorsed Charles Barron for NY's 8th Congressional district, I asked about the endorsement's impact on Towns' previous bases of Jewish support during his 30 years in Congress.

Ed Towns’ Last Kiss-off to Vito Lopez

Sit down. Grab a cup of coffee. Relax yourself. I am going to take you on a ride through East New York politics. After a week of increasingly insistent rumors that Ed Towns is going to endorse Charles Barron for the 8th Congressional seat, the formal announcement has been made. The endorsement will take place on Monday. I present to you the unofficial backdrop.

Where do I begin?

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