Fed Up New Yorkers Hit the Streets

Not the two-legged kind. “Fed Up New Yorkers” is a new tabloid that boldly states its mission: “Because No Third Term Means No Third Term!”

The inaugural issue of FUNY became a collectors item overnight, if only for the cover illustration: full color depiction of a smirking King Bloomberg (Mayor for Life) perched on his throne, Quinn peeking from behind him, with loyal lowly serfs - the NY Times, real estate developers, NYU president, NY civic groups, the Republican and Independent Parties - bowed at his feet, greedy hands reaching for treasure chests full of tax breaks, the Bloomberg Foundation, and campaign cash. The illustration is a classic, suitable for framing.

FUNY's articles are compelling reading. One article takes civil rights gay activists  to task for supporting the “anti-gay” Mayor. Another calls Bloomberg's New York a “millionaires playground” at the expense of everyone else. Yet another takes a critical look at charter schools. Editorial cartoons graphically make their point.

Publisher Neil Fabricant said, "We decided to publish Fed Up New Yorkers because that's what we are: Fed Up New Yorkers. The mainstream media and Bloomberg's massive propaganda campaign is fostering the impression that his candidacy is a sure thing, and people should either get on board or not bother to vote. Our impression from talking with real New Yorkers is just the opposite. We had to go beyond the blogs to get the news out that the people who have voted twice against a third time aren't going to stand for it."

(The first edition of FDNY featured articles from some of the city's popular blogs.)

FUNY promises to publish regularly until November's general election.

Issue #1 disappeared into New Yorker's hands as soon as it was published last week. If you did not get your copy of the first issue of FDNY, see the attached pdf

Or look for it on Ebay.