How About A Federal Guardian for Joe Hynes?


“So what was it that Diane Gordon promised District Attorney Hynes that could induce him to reduce her jail time to Zero? Did she have videotapes of judicial candidates handing hundred dollar bills to County Leader Clarence Norman, Executive Director Jeff Feldman, Medgar Evers Professor William Boonie, and State Senator Carl Andrews? Could she turn over hard proof that officials of the Thomas Jefferson Club and other South Brooklyn powerbrokers were shaking down judicial candidates?

Joe Hynes made that deal with Diane in February. Five months ago. By February 2006, Hynes had to know that Diane was useless in terms of generating new leads or evidence. Her involvement in Clarence Norman’s $5,000 Larceny trial meant that the official “Judicial Candidate Shake-Down Syndicate” had excluded her from their confidential meetings. Diane could be paid to do work for candidates, and she could free-lance on her own. But the word was that Diane was vulnerable and could be turned by the DA or the Feds.” (Inspector Clousseau, Room 8NY, 7/12/06,, 7/12/06)


“A Brooklyn legislator caught on videotape shaking down a developer later donned a wire to help prosecutors learn whether judicial candidates would pay bribes to get on the bench, the Daily News has learned.

Hoping to fend off criminal charges, Assemblywoman Diane Gordon (D-East New York, Brownsville) agreed to go after more than a dozen judges and lawyers at her own fund-raiser on May 4, according to several knowledgeable sources.
Many of those in attendance were seeking her endorsement for a seat on the state Supreme Court - but no one bit on paying out a bribe.

"She went to say to people, 'I'll support you for judge if you give me X amount of dollars,'" said one source.

But, the source added, "Nobody would give her anything."

(Staff Reporter Nancie Katz, Daily News, July 20,2006)


So  once again Daily News reporter Nancie Katz has come through with the answer.  Just 8 days before this writer had stated bluntly that the District Attorney’s alleged broad-based scheme to entrap judicial bribers was a hoax. This could never have been a good-faith attempt to investigate by a sane and intelligent District Attorney.  An Assemblywoman walking around the room at her birthday party asking judicial candidates to give her bribes? Did she also make the announcement on the PA system? Was she offering her endorsement to the highest bidder?   And did she have a book of receipts with her?  Bet your bottom dollar that every single judicial candidate in that room who has ties to the “Organization” or who will be supported by the Organization knew that Diane Gordon was wearing a wire. The only one who might have taken her seriously would have been some innocent chump who has no idea how the system works.  This wire-job was an absolute joke. Copies of  Diane’s tape could be a hot item for entertainment at political fundraisers. An absolute joke. Except it’s no longer funny.

So  Nancie Katz has now confirmed that Assemblywoman Diane Gordon made a sucker out of District Attorney Hynes.  Unless it’s Joe Hynes who is making a sucker out of the people.  In the words Yogi Berra.  This thing is deja-vu all over again..

This is the same game that Judge Gerald Garson played with Hynes.  That Clarence Norman played with Hynes.  And that Speaker Sheldon Silver did to him. And how many other times that we know nothing about has Clousseau fallen into the same trap? Joe Hynes is the cab-driver who sits in his cab for 15 minutes waiting for the passenger whom he brought from Manhattan to come back down from the building she ran into( I’ll be out in a minute, sir. Just have to collect a package) for the return trip into the city.   And after 15 minutes he checks the paper bag left by the well-dressed lady and finds it full of trash. But the same thing happens to this cabbie time after time after time. And that’s all Joe Hynes has to produce for these sophisticated operations. A bag of trash.

The District Attorney’s sophisticated electronic  arrangements have had no result except to give perpetrators the opportunity to clean up their act.  We said before that if it weren’t for the participation of DOI  Commissioner Gill  and her investigators the wire-tap on Diane Gordon would probably  have produced nothing but the sound of the New Lots train as it went by. And we have speculated that it was Hynes’ investigators who blew the wire-tap either deliberately or through incompetence.

Madness has been defined as  the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Under that definition,  Joe Hynes is mad. Madder than Judge John Phillips whom Joe got a judge to declare incompetent  just as Phillips was preparing to enter the race for District Attorney. Thanks to that questionable act,  recent newspaper reports indicate that Judge Phillips, physically frail at 82, but mentally clear, may have lost about 10 million dollars of property to guardians and predators while living a shabby existence, sometimes without heat and hot water….supervised by Court-appointed guardians.

And now, a good argument may be made that Joe Hynes himself should be put under the care of a guardian who will protect him(and the public) from being victimized by predators. That guardian should be a Federal agent or Federal prosecutor.  Joe could be allowed to visit Senior Centers and chat with the elderly. He could even go on bus trips with them.  He could also give pep talks to teenagers in schools about staying out of trouble. But he cannot be trusted to handle surveillance or evidence collection, or even prosecution. That’s what these stories indicate.

Back in 2002 or very early in 2003,  Clarence Norman returned from a confidential afternoon meeting in the DA‘s office. Within hours, he had shared the details of his conversation with several members of the Thurgood Marshall Club. The members proceeded to share the information with their trusted friends, and  3 days later I stood at the corner of  Lincoln Road and Nostrand Avenue, a half-block away from my home, listening to what had happened in the DA‘s office. The story was that Joe had shared with Clarence information about serious allegations regarding wrongdoing on the part of the Assemblyman that had been brought to the attention of the DA’s office.   Joe had brought in Clarence to talk to him, and promised that he would work out the best possible deal that the  Law would allow. Clarence had laughed and dismissed it as a “pack of lies”. He told  the DA that he was perfectly clean, and there was nothing to worry about.

At the end of the meeting they had hugged each other, and Clarence returned to his office. Within the next 24 hours it appears that the Assemblyman had put his inner-circle on Red-Alert.  And in addition  key members of the  County Committee were warned that the  DA was hunting.  So within a week all individuals who belonged to or were connected to the “Organization”  may have been alerted as to the need to be discreet.  As it turned out, in addition to reaching me from Clarence‘s club and through the Black grapevine, the same information later arrived  via Canarsie and South Brooklyn White sources who have their people in the DA‘s office. Brooklyn is completely connected.

And now with today’s mention of DeCosta Headley by Tom Robbins’ in the Village Voice this story becomes deep.  Real deep. This writer has no reason to suspect that DeCosta has been involved in any wrongdoing.  But few people know the secrets of the Organization better than Kid Bobo. If anyone is aware of  business transactions involving Clarence, Carl, Jeff, and other County leaders, we get the feeling that it is the silent, watchful Bob who has now turned Republican and if we recall, was on the dais at Governor Pataki’s victory party.   And no one has been closer to Diane Gordon and more of a mentor than the former boxer. If he hasn’t been offered a wire by Clousseau as yet,  DeCosta should be happy to oblige.

Everybody loves a good laugh. While Clousseau walks around with the smile of madness.